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This page is a chronological list of events since April 2004. It is mainly a listing of events hosted by Abertridwr, but also includes many other events in our area which were hosted by other SCA groups.

There's quite a few gaps in the listings, but we're now carefully searching through our diaries, calendars and old newsletters to find out exactly what we did!

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January 2014

Wednesday 1st - New Years Day Bastion Open House
Saturday 12th - Abertridwr Al Thing (AGM)


December 2013

Sunday 15th - Abertridwr Yule BBQ
Sunday 8th - Abertridwr Council
Sunday 1st - Toys for Tots

November 2013

Sunday 10th - Abertridwr Council
Wednesday 13th - Seniors Have A Go demo
Weekend 16th-17th - Red Dragon Celebration
Wednesday 20th - Chivalric Round Table

October 2013

Sunday 6th - Abertridwr Council
Sunday 20th - College Challenge
Saturday 26th - Fairytale Bal d'Aneala

September 2013

Sunday 8th - Abertridwr Council
Sunday 15th - Galen Holds A Bridge
Sunday 22nd - Talk Like A Pirate Day
Weekend 27th-30th - Anealan Championship Weekend at Balingup

August 2013

Sunday 11th - Abertridwr Round Table Discussion
Sunday 18th - Abertridwr IKAC
Weekend 24-25th August - Balingup Medieval Carnivale

July 2013

Weekend 6-7th - Aneala's Foundations Collegium
Weekend 12-15th - Advanced Armoured Combat Training School
Sunday 14th - Abertridwr Council
Saturday 20th - Not As It Seems Feast
Sunday 21st - 4 Man Team Melee

June 2013

Weekend 31st - 3rd June - PENCAMPWR VIX
Sunday 6th June - Store Room Busy Bee
Saturday 29th June - Canton of Vallon d'Or Feast and Archery Event

May 2013

Sunday 5th - Baroness's Fighter Auction
Sunday 12th - Abertridwr Council Meeting
Wednesday 15th - Chivalric Round Table
Weekend 31st - 3rd June - PENCAMPWR VIX

April 2013

Saturday 13th - Persona Feast
Sunday 14th - Abertridwr Council Meeting
Sunday 21st - St George's Day Pas D'arms - Seven Deadly Sins

March 2013

Sunday 10th - Abertridwr Council Meeting
Saturday 16th - WAMA Fayre
Saturday 23rd - Newcomers Feast
Weekend 29th March - 1st April - Autumn Tourney

February 2013

Saturday 9th - Night Tourney
Sunday 10th - Council Meeting and Baronial Nominees Presentation
Wednesday 13th - Chivalric Round Table
Saturday 16th - Just Desserts
Friday 22nd - UWA "O" Day
Sunday 24th - I.K.A.C.

January 2013

Tuesday 1st - New Years Day Open House
Saturday 12th - Abertridwr Al Thing (AGM)
Sunday 13th - Beginners Armoured Combat Course begins (an 8 week course)
Sunday 13th - Costuming Workshop begins (an 8 week course)
Saturday 19th - Midsummer - A Feast of the Ævum


December 2012

Saturday 1st - Dragon's Bay Yule Feast
Sunday 2nd - Toys for Tots
Sunday 9th - Council Meeting
Sunday 16th - Yule BBQ

November 2012

Sunday 3rd - Dragon's Bay Baldivis Demo & Championship List
Sunday 11th - Abertridwr Council Meeting
Sunday 25th - WASCA Regional IKAC and Combat Archery Day

October 2012

Saturday 27th - Dragon's Bay Kwinana Demo & Tourney, and Bal d'Aneala - Un Ballo con Fiori
Sunday 28th - Wandi Progress Association Open Day Demo

September 2012

Sunday 16th - College Challenge 2012
Weekend 28th-1st - Aneala Baronial Championship, and Dragons Bay Spring Tourney

August 2012

Sunday 5th - Dragon's Bay Lions and Lambs War
Sunday 12th - Eric & Enid Tourney
Sunday 19th - Keith Longbottom Memorial Sticke And Stringe Shoot

July 2012

Sunday 15th - 4 Man Team Melee
Saturday 28th - Aneala Midwinter Feast

June 2012

Weekend 1st-4th - PENCAMPWR VIII
Saturday 23rd - Dragon's Bay Feast of the Dragon
Saturday 30th - Vallon d'Or Midwinter Venetian Feast and Archery Afternoon

May 2012

Sunday 6th - Obstacle Archery Shoot
Sunday 13th - Dragon's Bay Tourney of the Northmen
Sunday 20th - Baroness's Fighter Auction

April 2012

Sunday 22nd - St Georges Day Pas D'Arms
Weekend 27th-29th - Aneala Silver Anniversary

March 2012

Sunday 11th - Boesenberg Eaton Foreshore Festival Demo
Sunday 18th - Blues Alive Art in the Park Festival Fighter Demo - Dragon's Bay
Saturday 24th - Newcomers Feast

February 2012

Saturday 11th - Single Sword Tourney

January 2012

Sunday 1st - Bastion Open Day and housewarming
Thursday 5th - Laurel workshops
Weekend 6th-8th January - Twelfth Night Coronation 2012 - hosted by Dragon's Bay
Weekend 14th-15th - Aneala Collegia part 2
Saturday 21st - Mid-Summer Fools Revel


December 2011

Sunday 4th - Toys For Tots

November 2011

Wednesday 9th - Have a Go Seniors Day Demo
Sunday 20th - Armadale Highland Gathering Demo
Sunday 27th - Combined Groups Archery Training Day

October 2011

Sunday 9th - Arabian Nights
Saturday 15th - Aneala Mostly Music and Dance Collegium, and Bal d'Aneala
Weekend 27th - Aneala Baronial Championship

September 2011

Sunday 11th - Around the Castle Obstacle Archery Shoot
Sunday 18th - WAMA Talk Like A Pirate Day
Sunday 25th - College Challenge 2011

August 2011

Sunday 14th - Dragon's Bay Lions and Lambs
Weekend 27th-28th - Balingup Medieval Carnivale
Sunday 28th - Keith Longbottom MemorialSticke And Stringe Shoot

July 2011

Sunday 3rd - Archers Breakfast and IKAC Shoot
Sunday 3rd - Abertridwr Canton General Meeting to discuss the proposition of becoming a Barony
Saturday 16th - Aneala Midwinter Feast
Sunday 24th - 4 Man Team Lightning Carnival and IKAC

June 2011

Weekend 3rd-6th - PENCAMPWR VII
Weekend 24th-26th - Advanced Armoured Combat School 2011

May 2011

Sunday 1st - Elizabethan Village Green Market Day Demo
Saturday 14th - Masquerade Picnic in the Park
Sunday 22nd - Baroness's Fighter Auction

April 2011

Sunday 3rd - Pencampwr Busy Bee
Weekend 24th-26th - Autumn Gathering

March 2011

Saturday 12th - Newcomers Feast
Sunday 13th - Queens Guard Challenge
Wednesday 22nd - Chivalric Round Table

February 2011

Saturday 12th - Night Tourney

January 2011

Sunday 15th - Aneala Midsummer Feast
Sunday 23rd - Abertridwr Allthing


December 2010

Saturday 4th - Dragons Bay Yule Feast
Sunday 12th - Toys For Tots
Sunday 19th - College Challenge 2010

November 2010

Weekend 5th-7th - Lochac Crown Tourney - hosted by Aneala
Sunday 13th - Highland Gathering Demo
Sunday 28th - WAMA Medieval Market Day

October 2010

September 2010

Sunday 19th - Talk Like A Pirate Day
Weekend 24th-27th - Aneala Championship Weekend

August 2010

Sunday 1st - Dragon's Bay Tournament of the Lion
Sunday 8th - Novelty Archery Shoot
Weekend 28th-29th - Balingup Medieval Carnival

July 2010

Saturday 10th - Aneala's Midwinter Feast of the Elements
Sunday 11th - 4 Man Team Lightning Carnival

June 2010

Weekend 4th-7th PENCAMPWR VI
Saturday 26th - Dragon's Bay Feast
Sunday 27th - WAMA Medieval Market

May 2010

Sunday 1st - Baroness' Fighter Auction

April 2010

Weekend 1st-2nd - Royal Visit

March 2010

Saturday 13th - Combined Colleges Welcome Feast
Saturday 20th WAMA MEdieval Fayre

February 2010

Friday 19th - UWA "O" Day
Saturday 13th - Night Tourney

January 2010

Sunday 10th - Abertridwr Al Thing
Saturday 16th - Aneala Midsummer Feast
Weekend 23rd-24th - Officer Training Weekend


December 2009

Saturday 5th - Dragon's Bay Yule Feast
Sunday 6th - Toys for Tots
Sunday 13th - Yule Tyde BBQ

November 2009

Saturday 7th - Bosenberg Tourney
Sunday 8th - Queen's Guard Tree of Chivalry
Sunday 15th - College Challenge 2009
Saturday 21st - Highland Gathering Demo
Sunday 22nd - St Sebastian Archery Shoot
Sunday 29th - WAMA Flea Market

October 2009

Saturday 17th - Kelmscott show Demo
Saturday 31st - Aneala All Hallows Eve Masked Ball
Sunday 18th - WA SCA Planning Meeting
Sunday 25th - IKAC Shoot

September 2009

Saturday 12th - Children's Shield Workshop (Sevarian)
Sunday 20th - WAMA Medieval Flea Market
Weekend 25th-28th - Anaela Baronial Championship Weekend

August 2009

Sunday 9th - Newcomers Collegia
Weekend 15th-16th - Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings O'Connor
Weekend 22nd-23rd - Balingup Medieval Carnival
Weekend 28th-30th- Royal Visit Beat & Greet
Saturday 29th - Baronial Investiture Feast
Sunday 30th Royal Visit Tourney

July 2009

Saturday 25th - Aneala Midwinter Feast
Sunday 26th - 4 Man Team Melee

June 2009

Sunday 14th - Heraldic Tourney
Sunday 28th - IKAC Shoot

May 2009

Sunday 3rd - Kane's 20th year as a Knight Anniversary Tree of Chivalry
Saturday 16th - Bosenberg Mayhem Tourney & Feast
Sunday 17th - Baroness's Fighter Auction
Weekend 28th - 1st June PENCAMPWR V the Camping Event

April 2009

Saturday 5th - Perth Medieval Fayre
Weekend 24th - 27th - Autumn Gathering

March 2009

Weekend 1st-2nd - Hyde Park Demo
Sunday 9th - Pencampwr Busy Bee
Sunday 16th - Principality Meeting
Saturday 21st - St Basil's Newcomers Feast
Sunday 29th - Training Tourney and IKAC Shoot

February 2009

Sunday 1st - The Quest in the Adventurous Forest Begins - The Questors endeavour against a giant.
Saturday 7th - Pencampwr Busy Bee
Friday 13th - Murdoch Uni O Day
Sunday 15th - Virtue and Vice Rapier Tourney
Saturday 14th - Dragon's Bay Armoured Combat Tourney
Friday 20th - UWA "O" Day

January 2009

Saturday 17th - Aneala Midsummer Feast


December 2008

Sunday 14th - Christmas BBQ - Low Key event to end the current era year.

October 2008

A Challenge at Arms - Emprise betwen Master Haelfdane and Sir Kane.

June 2008

PENCAMPWR IV The Camping Event - Foundation day weekend. A Viking Themed Event.

May 2008

Saturday 3rd - Abertridwr Busy Bee - Pencampwr & Investiture preparation (at Bastion).
Sunday 4th - Baroness' Fighter Auction.

April 2008

Saturday 5th - Perth Medieval Faire Demo - washed out! :(
Saturday 19th - Abertridwr Busy Bee - for Pencampwr Woodworking & Investiture Chair Covers (at Branwen and Qilich's place).
Saturday 19th - Canton Council at Branwen and Qilich's place.
Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th - Autumn Gathering in Bosenburg.

March 2008

Monday 3rd - Hyde Park Demo.
Sunday 2nd - Hyde Park Demo.
Saturday 15th - Newcomers Feast.
Sunday 16th - Newcomers Tourney.

February 2008

Friday 29th - Orientation Day Demo at UWA
Friday 22nd to Monday 25th - Visit from Duke Cornelius.
Saturday 9th - Lamellar Armour Workshop - at Branwen and Qilich's place.

January 2008

Sunday 20th - Midsummer's Carnivale - a Masked Feast.
Saturday 19th - Genghis Con Demo.
Saturday 12th - Arts & Sciences Day at Bastion.
Saturday 12th - Canton Council at Bastion.
Saturday 5th - Mask making workshop at Bastion.
Tuesday 1st - 100 Blows Challenge Begins!


December 2007

Sunday 16th - Yule War and BBQ
Saturday 15th - Abertridwr Christmas Party at Bastion
Sunday 9th - Dragon's Bay Inaugural Archery Day
Sunday 2nd - Toys for Tots Tourney

June 2007

Weekend 1st-4th - PENCAMPWR GAN ABERTRIDWR III The Camping Event

May 2007

Sunday 6th - A Tournament of Armoured Combat

April 2007

Sunday 29th - Tournament of St George

March 2007

Friday 2nd - St Basil's O'day Demo
Weekend 2nd-5th - Aneala's 20th Anniversary Feast & Tourney Weekend

January 2007

Saturday 13th - Aneala Midsummer by Starlight
Sunday 14th - Shooting on the Green Archery Tourney


December 2006

Saturday 2nd - Bal d'Aneala
Saturday 9th - Whyte Horse Tavern

November 2006

Sunday 19th - Knights Tourney
Friday 24th - Newcomers Coffee Night
Sunday 26th - Toys for Tots Tourney

October 2006

Saturday 7th - Gorsedd Abertridwr
Saturday 14th - Abertridwr AlThing
Sunday 15th - College Challenge
Saturday 28th - Kwinana Demo
Saturday 28th - Arobryn gan Abertridwr Celebratory Feast

September 2006

Saturday 9th - The Anealan Investiture Tournament
Saturday 9th - A Night in the Fairy Lands

August 2006

Saturday 12th - St Alban's Armouring Workshop part IV
Sunday 13th - Feast of St Alban Tournament and Revel
Weekend 26th-27th - Balingup Medieval Carnival

July 2006

Saturday 1st - St. Albans Armouring Workshop Part I
Saturday 15th - Feast fo the New Shire
Saturday 15th - St Alban's Armouring Workshop part II
Saturday 22nd - Canton War Training
Saturday 29th - St Alban's Armouring Workshop part III
Sunday 30th - Canton Working Bee

June 2006

Saturday 17th - Turn of the Century Midwinter Feast
Sunday 18th - Royal Tourney
Sunday 25th - College of St. Basil's York Demo

May 2006

Wednesday 3rd - Canton Dance Practice
Saturday 6th - Tourney of the Lady - Cancelled due to inclement weather. Canton Council.
Sunday 7th - Freo Training.
Wednesday 10th - Canton A&S night.
Sunday 14th - Freo Training
Thursday 20th - Historical Swordplay Study Group Meeting
Friday 19th - Short Baronial Council.
Saturday 20th - War Training (& Paul Wagner English Longsword Seminar with Grey Company on this day)
Sunday 21st - Freo Training.
Saturday 27th - Open Armouring at Sir Peter's.
Wednesday 31st - Bastion Project Night.

April 2006

Saturday 1st - All Fools Day Medieval Faire.
Sunday 2nd - Freo Training
Sunday 2nd - Canton Council
Wednesday 5th - Canton Dance Practice
Sunday 9th - Freo Training
Thursday 13th to Monday 17th - Rowany Festival
Sunday 16th - Freo Training
Wednesday 19th - Arts & Sciences night
Thursday 20th - Historical Swordplay Study Group Meeting
Friday 21st - Baronial Council
Sunday 23rd Freo Taining
Sunday 30th - Freo Training
Sunday 30th - Baronial Succession Meet & Greet

March 2006

Friday 3rd to Monday 6th - SWANCON Renaissance Demo.
Monday 6th - Canton Dance Practice
Thursday 9th - Historical Swordplay Study Group Meeting
Sunday 12th - Heraldic Tourney
Sunday 12th - Canton Council
Friday 17th - Baronial Council
Saturday 18th - College of St. Basil's Newcomer's Feast
Sunday 19th - FAC Training.
Sunday 26th - Baroness' Fighter Auction

February 2006

Sunday 5th - FAC Training.
Monday 6th - Canton Dance Practice.
Thursday 9th - Historical Swordplay Study Group Meeting
Sunday 12th - Kondrak & Andre's Tree of Chivalry
Monday 13th - College of Aisha al-Zahra Orientation Day Demo
Friday 17th - Baronial Council
Saturday 18th - War Collegia
Sunday 19th - Valentine's Day Picnic - "A Masked Affair".
Friday 24th - College of St. Basil's Orientation Day Demo
Sunday 26th - Fremantle Arts Centre Photo Shoot

January 2006

Sunday 8th - FAC Training.
Sunday 15th - Engines of Destruction (Anealan).
Friday 20th - Baronial Council.
Saturday 21st - Midsummer Madness (Anealan).
Sunday 22nd - FAC Training.
Saturday 28th - Pencampwr & Arobryn Round Table Dicussion.
Sunday 29th - FAC Training.


December 2005

Thursday 1st - "Greet the Public" Get-Together. Introducing new members made at the Knight's Tourney.
Sunday 4th - Toys for Tots Tourney (Anealan).
Tuesday 6th - Canton Dance Practice.
Saturday 10th - Whyte Horse Tavern
Sunday 11th - FAC Training & Canton Council.
Friday 16th - Baronial Council.
Sunday 18th - FAC Training.

November 2005

Tuesday 1st - Canton Dance Practice.
Saturday 5th - Baldivis Fair Demo
Sunday 6th - Festival of the Stick - Anealan Tourney.
Tuesday 8th - Canton Dance Practice.
Sunday 13th - FAC Training & Canton Council.
Tuesday 15th - Canton Dance Practice.
Sunday 20th - Knights Tourney Demo
Tuesday 22nd - Canton Dance Practice.
Saturday 26th - Ball d'Aneala.
Sunday 27th - FAC Training & The Fremantle Festival Street Parade.

October 2005

Sunday 2nd - FAC Training.
Sunday 9th - Randal's Bash.
Saturday 15th - Octoberfest Busy Bee.
Sunday 16th - Page's Archery Challenge & Canton Council.
Tuesday 18th - A&S Night - Beadwork with Mistress Rhianwen.
Saturday 22nd - Octoberfest - Andalusian Feast.
Sunday 23rd - Suprise Weapons Tourney - Cancelled
Sunday 23rd - FAC Training.
Saturday 29th - Kwinana Festival Demo.
Sunday 30th - FAC Training.

September 2005

Sunday 4th - FAC Training & Canton Council.
Friday 9th - Mandurah Catholic College Demo - cancelled.
Friday 9th - Allthing - State of the Canton Meeting (at Bethra's & Morcant's house).
Sunday 11th - College of St. Basil's Challenge
Sunday 18th - Gorsedd ap Abertridwr - Rapier Training & Collegia.
Tuesday 20th - Arts & Sciences Night.
Saturday 24th - Monday 26th - Anealan Heavy & Archery Championships and Feast.

August 2005

Saturday 6th - Armadale Tournament Training Suspended as of this date.
Sunday 7th - FAC Training & Canton Council.
Sunday 14th - Baroness Crisiant's Birthday Bash
Sunday 21st - FAC Training
Tuesday 23rd - Arts & Sciences Night
Saturday 27th - Balingup Fair Demo (note: Kondrak & Andre's Tree of Chivalry cancelled).
Sunday 28th - Balingup Fair Demo

July 2005

Saturday 2nd - Armadale Tournament Training.
Sunday 3rd - Baronial Bash
Saturday 9th - Armadale Tournament Training.
Sunday 10th - FAC Training and Canton Council.
Tuesday 12th - Arts & Sciences Night - Drop Spindle Spinning.
Sunday 17th - FAC Training.
Sunday 24th - FAC Training.
Saturday 30th - Anealan Midwinter Feast
Sunday 31st - FAC Training

June 2005

Friday 3rd-Sunday 5th - PENCAMPWR GAN ABERTRIDWR Inaugural Championship Weekend (won by Sir Kane).
Sunday 12th - FAC Training and Canton Council.
Saturday 18th-Sunday 19th - War for the Weir (at Hill's Discovery Centre).
Tuesday 21st - A&S Night.
Saturday 25th - Minnawarra Park Training (change of venue for Armadale Training from The Harold King Community Centre).
Sunday 26th - FAC Training.

May 2005

Sunday 1st - Royal Household Challenge and Tourney.
Saturday 7th - Armadale Tournament Training
Sunday 8th - FAC training and Canton Council.
Sunday 15th - Ferghus' As-Armoured Tourney
Tuesday 17th - A&S Night
Saturday 21st - Armadale Tournament Training
Sunday 22nd - FAC training
Sunday 29th - Hector's Tourney.

April 2005

Saturday 2nd - Minnawarra Arts & Crafts Festival Demo. What did the Media think of it? Have a look at the media article.
Sunday 3rd - Singleton Primary School Fair
Sunday 3rd - Canton Council
Saturday 9th - Armadale Tournament Training
Sunday 10th - Baroness' Fighter Auction Tourney
Saturday 16th - Whyte Horse Tavern
Sunday 17th - FAC training.
Tuesday 19th - A&S Night - Making Candles?
Saturday 23rd - Armadale Tournament Training
Sunday 24th - FAC training.
Saturday 30th - Meet Their Majesties at the New Year's Country Ball.

March 2005

Saturday 5th - Canton Busy Bee - at Bastion.
Sunday 6th - FAC training & Canton Council (at Healfdene's).
Monday 7th - Canton Busy Bee - at Bastion.
Saturday 12th - Armadale training.
Sunday 13th - Tourney of the Half Century.
Tuesday 15th - A&S Night - Making Crispinettes with Janice from the Richard III Society.
Saturday 19th - College of St. Basil's Newcomers Feast
Sunday 20th - FAC training.
Thursday 24th - Tuesday 29th - Rowany Festival at Crossroads Medieval Village.
Sunday 27th - FAC training.

February 2005

Sunday 6th - FAC Training & Canton Council (at Healfdene's).
Saturday 12th - First Armadale Training
Sunday 13th - Fun & Games for Valentines
Sunday 20th - FAC Training
Tuesday 22nd - A&S Night - Gold Couching with Niamh O'Heyne
Friday 25th - College of St. Basil Orientation Day Demo
Saturday 26th - Armadale Training.
Saturday 26th - Bastion Busy Bee
Sunday 27th - FAC Training

January 2005

Saturday 8th - Pencampwr Discussion Meeting
Sunday 9th - FAC Training & Canton Council (at Bastion).
Saturday 15th - Midsummer Feast of Simple Pleasures
Sunday 16th - FAC Training.
Tuesday 18th - A&S Night - Hat making with Liduina.
Saturday 22nd - Canton Busy Bee (at Bastion).
Sunday 23rd - FAC Training.
Sunday 30th - FAC Training.


December 2004

Tuesday 1st - Project night
Sunday 5th - Toys for Tots Tourney
Sunday 12th - FAC training & Canton Coucil
Saturday 18th - Melville Golf Club Demo for the SW Archery Club
Sunday 19th - FAC Training - A very unserious day indeed
Tuesday 21st - A&S night?

November 2004

Tuesday 2nd - Project Night
Saturday 6th - Baldivis Country Fair Demo
Sunday 7th - FAC training & Council Meeting
Saturday 13th - Blows of Time Tourney
Sunday 14th - FAC training.
Tuesday 16th - A&S night.
Saturday 20th - Novemberfest.
Sunday 21st - FAC training.
Tuesday 23rd - Project night.
Sunday 28th - FAC training

October 2004

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd - Baronial Championship Weekend (Aneala)
Tuesday 5th - Project Night
Saturday 9th - Where Have All the Vikings Gone? Tournament (Aneala) and Championship Victory Feast & Royal Visit (Aneala)
Sunday 10th - FAC training
Sunday 17th - FAC training
Friday-Sunday (15th-17th) Past Times
Tuesday 19th - A&S Night
Wednesday 20th - Issue 8.3 of the Rhol is out (Oct/Nov issue)
Saturday 23rd - Narrogin Demo
Sunday 24th - Marshal Training School #1, FAC Training.
Tuesday 26th - A&S Project Night at Healfdene's.
Sunday 31st - Marshal Training School #2, FAC Training

September 2004

Sunday 5th - St. Basil Challenge (St. Basil's College)
Sunday 12th - FAC training & Council Meeting
Sunday 19th - Pirates of the Indies Tournament (Aneala)
Tuesday 21st - A&S Night.
Sunday 26th - FAC training

August 2004

Saturday 1st - Aneala's Highland Games (cancelled due to inclement weather).
Sunday 8th - FAC training & Council Meeting
Tuesday 10th - Issue 8.2 of the Rhol is out (Aug/Sept issue)
Sunday 15th - Heraldic Tourney - at FAC
Tuesday 17th - A&S Night.
Sunday 22nd - FAC training
Saturday 28th - Bal d'Argent (Anealan & Lochac event)

July 2004

Friday 4th - Issue 8.1 of the Rhol is out (June/July issue)
Sunday 5th - FAC training and Council Meeting
Sunday 11th - Tourney of the Dragon - at FAC. Check out the media article that was made just before the tournament.
Saturday 17th - Round Table Discussion - at Bastion. Concerning the Pencampwr gan Abertridwr and the "Worthy" or Cultural Champion.
Sunday 18th - FAC training
Tuesday 13th - A&S Night - at Rhys's house.
Sunday 25th - FAC training
Saturday 31st - Anealan Midwinter - A Feast of High Tudor Splendor

June 2004

Sunday 6th - F.A.C. training
Friday 8th - Mandurah Catholic High School Demo
Saturday & Sunday 12th & 13th - Collegium Aneala
Sunday 20th - Novelties in the park (Aneala)
Friday 25th - Busy Bee at Healfdene's house - making Eric banners
Saturday 26th - Busy Bee at Bastion
Sunday 27th - F.A.C. training

May 2004

Sunday 2nd - Sawers Valley Demo
Tuesday 4th - Canton Council Meeting - Second formal meeting of the Abertridwr council - at Healfdene's house.
Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th - May Crown
Sunday 9th - F.A.C. training
Saturday 15th - Canton Busy Bee
Sunday 16th - F.A.C. training
Sunday 23rd - Tournament of Dismemberment (Aneala)
Saturday 29th - Canton Busy Bee
Sunday 30th - F.A.C. training

April 2004

Thursday 15th - Canton Council Meeting - First informal gathering of the flock - at Bastion.
Thursday 22nd - Canton Council Meeting - First formal gathering of the flock - at Healfdene's house.
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