Pencampwr 2013





Incipient Barony of Abertridwr

Arobryn: Arts and Sciences Champion


The Arobryn is the A&S Champion of Abertridwr. Our champion needs to be able to demonstrate skills in a variety of different areas in the arts and sciences. It is therefore not enough to simply excel at one type of skill but to demonstrate excellence across at least 3 separate areas. The championship is to be held on the Pencampwr weekend.

  • In order to enter Arobryn you must have at least 3 entries.
  • You can enter more than 3 items, but only your top 3 scores will be counted.
  • Each entry which counts towards your overall score must cover a different skill.
  • Although there can be overlap between the different entries you must be able to show that a different skill set applies to each.

A&S skills range far beyond those skills that immediately spring to mind. Different skills could include sewing, embroidery, brewing, cooking, illumination, metalwork, woodwork, herbal products, weaving etc.

I would encourage all of you to consider entering the Arobryn Championship. Remember that items can be works in progress (ie: unfinished). They can also be items that you completed years earlier. Just remember though that you cannot enter something that has been entered in a higher level A&S competition (ie: anything entered at a Kingdom or Baronial level).


This is not just any old A&S competition. This is a Championship for the Canton of Abertridwr. And it comes with certain responsibilities. These are as follows:

  • Create a work of lasting cultural significance for the group.
  • Create an item of regalia for the next Arobryn. This may be a perpetual item or an individual item. It is expected that this be in the form of a Cadwaladr Dragon in any medium.