Pencampwr 2013





Canton  of Abertridwr

Armoured Combat


Final authorisations will be held on the list field on Friday afternoon from 2pm - 5pm. For authorised combatants, please remember to bring your authorisation card and present it to the list keeper at your earliest convenience.


Tihs is going to be a huge weekend and your cooperation as requested to help make the event run on time. Please make sure that all of your armour is complete and in good repair before you come to Pencampwr.

During the weekend, please endeavour to be in armour and ready for inspection at the required time, so that the tourney can proceed according to our schedule.

NIGHT TOURNEY (Friday 8pm)

There will be a Night Tourney on Friday evening from 8pm.


The Pencampwr gan Abertridwr (armoured combat champion) Tourney will be held on the list field on Saturday from 10am -4pm. For more information about this tourney, please visit the special Pencampwr gan Abertridwr page.

WAR! (Sunday 10am-3pm)

The might and courage of the supporters of the RED and GREEN Dragons shall be tested in the crucible of combat upon the Pencampwr war fields as warriors of all stations and skills line up beneath the banner of their choosing and expose their mortality to the stern gaze and judgement of Athene and Aries.

The choice is simple take up your arms, gird on your armour and lend your support to the Green Dragon or support the Red Dragon and at the marshals discretion let slip the dogs of war.

Proposed and subject to amendment/development:
  • Scenario A - victory points 10
    Open Field Banner Capture - Victory may also be gained by the total annihilation of all opposing forces.

  • Scenario B - victory points 10
    Causeway Battle to Control Both Ends of Bridge - Reverse tug of war if one side get pushed off the causeway and held off for a pre determined period of time a victory is gained.

  • Scenario C - victory points 10
    Siege Barrier Fight at gateway/barrier - time is called when there are no more defenders - Each side get an opportunity to defend the barrier longest time wins

  • Scenario D - victory points 10
    Village Capture Control all Buildings in "village" - Pallet = building - Control = touching and not engaged in melee

  • Scenario E - decider if required
    A battle of Champions. 10 champions of the Dragon nominated from each side - victory to the last side capable of raising a weapon.

  • Scenario F
    "Hot Gate" special challenge scenario - Series of set piece attacks against "gateway".
    • Ancients and allies versus the rest so limited resurrections for "Spartans".
    • Unlimited resurrections for the "Persians" who resurrect and rest between attacks
    • Ranged archery attacks only while "Persians" are reforming
    • Options to mix in monster/beast attacks eg "Persians" grouped as elephants, unicorns/rhinos, giant scorpions, penguins etc
    • Spartans Commanded by Lord Ansgar aka Glakuas
    • Persians Commanded by highest ranking noble from amongst "Persians forces"

CHAMPION'S TOURNEY (Monday 9am-noon)

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!!!!

Heavy Fighters one and all,

On the Monday of The Pencampwr Camping weekend, A most glorious Champions Tourney will be held in splendour.

The list field will be held against any and all comers by the esteemed Champions from the Baronies of Abertridwr and Aneala, as well the Shires of Dragons Bay and Bosenberg.

Come test your might against these mighty champions of our Western Shores, And earn the esteem that comes from beating our Champions.

Will you win the Prize for the best fight?.