Pencampwr 2013





Canton of Abertridwr


StewardLord Galen Wulfric
Booking Officer / ReeveM'lady Allesandra
Event ConstableLady Alianore de Essewell
Friday Night Soup KitchenLady Petronella
Victory FeastocratLady Maeve
Victorius Dragon TavernM'lady Hrefna and M'lord Thorleif
Gorsedd - Arts & SciencesLady Ilaria de Vale
ArobrynLord Wod Gormsson
ArcheryLady Alianore de Essewell
WarSir Peter D’Gaunt Noir
Post War MeleeSir Kane Greymane
Night TourneyLord Konrad Hilderbrandt
Pencampwr Gan Abertridwr TourneyLord Griffin Westcastle
Champions TourneyLord Galen Wulfric
RapierLord Hadrian de Listrille / Lord Pantera
Merchants RowMistress Liduina
Childrens' ActivitiesViscountess Mistress Rhianwen Ni Dhiamarda
Wayfarers LiaisonBaroness Branwen
08 9394 0683
Site Setup & Campsite Allocation   Lord Galen Wulfric

If you would like to assist any of the Pencampwr team, please contact the steward or relevant officer.

We will be needing people to help with heralding, marshalling, constabulary duties, kitchen helpers and more. And of course, as many people as we can get to help pack up the site at the end of the event.

We also need people to enter the competitions and to be judges for the Arts and Sciences too. Perhaps you can provide some entertainment at the feast or tavern night? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.