Pencampwr 2013





Canton of Abertridwr

Pencampwr gan Abertridwr: Armoured Combat Champion

Unto all knights, squires and men at arms that are not banished or enemies of their Majesties the Crown of Lochac, does the steward of the Pencampwr gan Abertridwr Tournament send greetings.

Since time immemorial, the great war-leader of Abertridwr has stood between his people and their enemies. Spear in hand, he seeks out other such Champions to meet in honourable combat for the glory of Abertridwr.

On the coldest day of winter, a great tournament is held, and bold knights, squires and men at arms from across the known world come and strive and do their utter most to be proclaimed Pencampwr gan Abertridwr for the coming year. That time has come again.

The post of Pencampwr gan Abertridwr comes vacant! Let those who would take their place in legend arm themselves!

We will see you upon the Testing Grounds.

The Duties of the Pencampwr

  • To seek out and challenge other champions
  • To give something of lasting significance to Abertridwr
It is traditional that during court, the Pencampwr, if present, will guard the door of the hall.

Mindful of our descent from the Kingdom of the West, Abertridwr has placed no residency requirement upon entry to this tournament. The post of Pencampwr is open to any who can win it.

Pencampwr Tourney Format

Open Weapons.

The tourney is traditionally run as a single kill round robin. Numbers permitting, that will be the case again this year.

At the end of the round robin, the two highest ranked fighters will contest the final. This will be fought best of three rounds:

  • Round 1: Single Sword at the Barrier, no striking the arm that holds the barrier, hand off the barrier is a loss. Best of three passes.
  • Round 2: Longswords, no sharpened quillions or buttspikes. Best of three passes.
  • Round 3: Short Spear and Shield. One Pass.

This year the tourney is on Saturday - time to be announced.

All who would contest for the Pencampwr gan Abertridwr must have a list shield.