Pencampwr 2013





Canton  of Abertridwr

Saethydd: Archery Champion

It was law during medieval times that everyone between the ages of 15 to 60 was to own and be able to shoot a bow. Children were started as early as seven.

There was also a set of standards which were to be aspired to as an archer (however these particular standards are not required today). These were:

  • that an archer be able to hit a man sized target at 200yds
  • that they be able to shoot 12-15 arrows in one minute
  • that they practice regularly

Lady Alianore de Essewell, our Archery Officer, has put together four shoots which reflect the essence of these standards in order to test the mettle of our brave Archers. Each shoot will encompass a different level of Archery skill required to become the Saethydd Champion.

This competition has proven popular over the last two years with many archers and so takes place again this year. They will be:

  • Clout shoot - this shall be held on Sunday, May 26th, beginning at 2.00pm at Wandi Oval.

    The Clout Shoot will include 8 ends of 6 arrows, 4 with a 5m circle, 4 with a 10m circle, with all arrows falling within its radius earning 1 pt.

    Of each radius, 2 will be shot standing and 2 kneeling (or sitting, should you not be able to kneel - bring a stool).

    All Archers welcome, not just those entering the Saethydd.

  • Plague of Rats shoot - held on the Pencampwr weekend
  • Obstacle Shoot - held on the Pencampwr weekend
  • IKAC - held on the Pencampwr weekend

*** Participation in all four shoots is required in order to become Saethydd Champion for 2013.

Equipment must follow SCA standards, modern longbows and recurves are acceptable. Arrows must be wood with feathered fletches.