Poets Inspire Heroes

By Lady Fineamhain an Einigh ui Concobhair

If poets inspire heroes with golden lines of old
And speak of knightly virtues, and men so brave and bold
It is a little daunting, a task so great as this,
To immortalise Saint Blaeney, I cannot remiss!

A poet-inspired hero? Whose ancient words inspired?
Perhaps it was Boccaccio or Shakespeare he admired?
Or maybe Homer inspired Blaeney with an odyssey of his own,
Or Chaucer gave him pilgrimage and sent him off to Crown.

I agonise for hours to think of what to write
It just is not so simple to sum it in one fight
For there is much more to this man than how he takes the field
And how he swings a hefty sword and holds a mighty shield

But look you now on eager squire and servant to the Crown,
And think about exactly why he is held in such renown.
An honest man and humble, with such courtesy and grace,
But the quiet beauty by his side reminds him of his place.

Many virtues make the hero, too many for this humble ode
But virtuous this hero is, who lives life by the code
And now these lines come to a close, but one thought won’t expire:
Poets might encourage heroes, but this hero does inspire!

Lochac Crown Paens, A.S. 39