In Ildhafn, londe grene

Lady Blodeuwedd y Gath


In Ildhafn, land of green
There came knights of great reknown,
Gentlemen of honour seen
To tourney for a golden crown.
A squire fair of great price
Called Kitan von Falconsburg
His sword [sworn] to Lady Alis
The fair maid of St Aldhelm's town.
Alesia, crystal eyed,
A mild mare all of milk;
Lord Kitan himself bears a falcon,
Of flaming red hair was all his ilk.
Henri in pride and with much boasting
Claimed for the maid's honour he fought.
Kitan the Red made of him a ghost
The fair maid was known to be his day's consort.
Such hair of red will make men mad,
Burn their chivalry will such men.
Not so Kitan, best of bone and blood,
Steel tempered mild, yet strong as stone.
Bran Torc, man of sword and shield,
Very valorous this swain.
Kitan had against all others held,
Yet weary Bran was Kitan's bane.
"Sweet lady, forgive me,
Take not my dishonour as your own,
My strength failed upon the field,
Take no reckoning of it, the loss was mine."
Before the Queen all were,
Champions she did name,
Crown of Gold and wreaths carried,
Before her Kitan came.
"Victory is made king,
Valour wreathed like Achilles was,
I beseech you, don't be upset,
A humble pride makes Chivalry.
Honour you have had all this day,
Strength of shield and swift of sword,
Your pride you gave to your lady,
You have the wreath, by my word."
By my truth, listen to me,
Squire, knight and Kings all,
Honour more your lady
And the prize is yours, though your sword may fall.

Lochac Crown Paens, A.S. 39