In Ildhafn, londe grene

By Lady Blodeuwedd y Gath

In Ildhafn, londe grene,
Thence cam knechts of gret reknown,
Gentil mon of honour sene
To tournament for golden crown.
A squier faire of gret pris,
Yclept Kitan von Falconsburg.
His swerde to Levedi Alis
The faire maide of Saint Aldhelm berg.
Alesia, crystal of eynen,
A milde palfrey alle of milche;
Lord Kitan ibore fawlcon,
Of flamen haren wast his ilch.
Henri in prude and muchele bost
Claimed thic maides honour fought.
Kitan a Rod mode of him gost
Y fayre maide lon his dais consort.
Sich hares rod will mon waxe wod,
Burn thyr chivalry wil sich mon.
Nic Kitan, beste of bon and blod,
Stel tempered milde, yt strong as ston.
Bran Torc, mon of swerd and sheld,
Muchel valorous this swayne.
Hevede Kitan al elles held,
Weary Bran wast Kitans bane.
"Swete ledi, reweth me,
Taketh not my honour thine,
Mine strength hath failed upon y lea
Reketh not, the loss wert mine."
Beforen Quen alles weren
Champion she did nam
Crown of Gold and wreathe beren,
Beforen she Kitan cam.
"Victory is madest rex,
Volour wreathed as Achille,
I besek thee, be not vex
Humble prude mak Chivalry.
Honour hath thee al this dei,
Strength of sheld and swift of swerde,
Thy prude thou gavest thy ledi,
Thou hast the wreathe, by my werde."
By my leaute, hearken me,
Squier, knecht and Kinfes al,
Honour more thy levedi,
And priz is thine, tho swerdes fal.

Lochac Crown Paens, A.S. 39