Hear now of Heroes

By katherine kerr of the Hermitage

So it was....
When warring was over, then went the woman
Having watched all the weapon-play, well-marked the warriors
Called she her sons to her, to sing of the day's strivings
In a hall full of heroes, highly honoured, great hearted
Her young boys beside her, bade them learn of the battle.

First on the field, facing a former king,
sword-maid Alesia staunch-heartedly strove.
Her Crown-companions Henri and Kitan
had at each other, till Henri hard fell.
A mace-wielding man made much of his might
though lethal in lunge, Luan relinquished his life.
The captain who cares for the Canton of Cluain,
Fulk fought like the fire-wyrms found on his arms.
St Florians' Stephano, shielded by Sebastian,
laughed in the lists as he laid on left-handed.
Bernard of Stirling stood stalwart and silent,
boldly he did bear his arms to the battle.
First to fall were these fellows, felled in the fray
But in no wise less noble than those who came after.

The man of Medici, merry Martuccio
was proud in his bearing, his prowess pre-eminent.
Bartholomew Baskin bore a bevy of blows
though grounded, he managed a goodly engagement.
Green-garlanded Agro grappled with gallants
the pirate did perish at the hands of his pupil.
Callum, the cunning, Chrettienne's crafty lord
his years of youth-foxing forced others to yield.
Six-fingered Rugen fought as a Florentine
standing square-on to those who would skirmish.
Quick in combat was Torum, called well The Hasty
danced like the sunlight dappling his river lands.

From this clash of combat came the final contestants.
The mother admonished her mites to remember.
Stern of eye, soft of speech, her sons she did counsel
Learn from the lessons of these skilful lords.

Seek you the speed of Cicilia's seigneur,
dextrous and daring is Inigo, knight
Circling space, spins steel in spirals,
like to the lianes of the leaves that he wears.
Staedefaeste in name and no less in nature,
Aedwarde the Earl is a man of account
Uncommonly quiet but ne'er less than courtly
Speaks volumes in silence, consider that strength.
Chivalry is a state to which you should strive
The buttress that braces this band of brothers
Courtesy no less valued than courage in combat
Well-regarded as the wreath awarded to Kitan.
Be gracious and generous, guided by good
as the honourable Sir Ulf, heed well this hero
A leader in learning and like-wise in battle
Adroit and disarming in any domain.
Vigorous Bran showed his virtue in valour
Breaking fast, the black boar sped to the battle
Imprimus in instruction, impressive his instance
Mark well the mastery of Mordenvale’s man.
Be like Brittanica's son, bold-blooded Blaeney
seen as a saint, so well-versed he in service
Amongst men a master, strong-muscled his mettle
No challenge there is to the Fates' choice of Champion.
These fearless ones fought to be first amongst equals
But one of them only could aspire to that honour.

The hunting horn heralded the high-ranking hero
Stephen Aldred did answer the Crown's call to arms
Twice-praised by peers, his life-partner likewise,
Gentle Mathilde girds her lord with his war gear.
In battle royal he bowled his foes to an end
In truth, he did profit, earning a princely prize.
A sire to sons, he's now that to his subjects
Crowned as our liege lord - Stephen, King of Lochac!

Lochac Crown Paens, A.S. 39