Bardic Guild Meeting 7/7/02

Present: Eluniedith na Kernow, Lowry ferch Gwenwinwin (I'm sorry, Lowry if I've spelt this wrongly), Declan of Drogheda, Finnabhair ni Binnech, William Castille, Crispin de Sexi, Rowanna Natcheule

Appologies: Laighin and Valerian.

We discussed the guildmeister issue and have agreed that in order for Guildmeister status to be obtained, we would like to see

We discussed that as today is day one of the guild, all members of the guild will be commencing at the Novice level. If you have some evidence of your previous work, you may then apply to the guild to play your prize for a level within the guild (please see charter for explanation). We will take it on your honour that you have performed, so you don't need hard evidence for that part, it is an honour system.

Muse - we would like to have a copy of the ranking system printed in all editions of the Muse as a standard. This is so that easy reference can be obtained.

We discussed the (in guild) award structure and have decided that - there will be a service token which will be a gold medalion with the guild badge on one side and a duck on the other (Lowry explained that it means the one has not ducked their responsibility).
There will also be a token given once a year to the performer who gracefully recovers their perfomance under fire (you know, that really tight situation when you've really stuffed up and everyone knows it...). This will be a silver duck ("George") on a purple, silver and gold braided ribbon.
The wayfarer's tokens will be made up with the guild badge on one side. It will then be up to each different are to have the main charge of their device placed on the other side of the token, if so desired.

Accession Day: Happening on Saturday, the 9th of November in Rowany. This will be hosted by Finnabhair. She has crash space for the people from the bardic guild available at her place. Contact her at or on (02) 9636-5010 for this week and 9863- 5868 from next week on.

We have three classes being run currently and these are: Music from the red book of Montserrat, Rounds and Belly Dancing (and Music). We need more classes or workshops!!! Please volunteer to run one!

Regalia - We need to figure out what regalia we need and who gets it. So far, it has been suggested that the Guid Champion, Guild Mistress (Provost) and Guildmeisters have regalia, such as a cloak, staff etc. We need to get some banners happening too. Also, how will the guild be paying for this? An account is being opened and maintained by Finnabhair with proceeds from copies of the Muse that have been sold, we can use some of this money, but we really don't have much. Suggestions for fund raising would be good.
Bardic Competition for Innilgard - Her Excellency, Baroness Innilgard would like to have a Baronial Bard for Innilgard. She has asked that someone run this competition. Please approach her if you are willing to host the competition (perhaps the guild could sponsor it?)
Michael of Gallicia, from Shayrebel is offering 10% discount on his bard books if you are a member of the Bardic Guild. There is a password for this. He may think to ask you what it is, to which your response is either "George" or "Finn sent me". His bard books really are lovely, just ask Jade and Meagan, they bought 5 to take back to the West as gifts...

Guild meeting closed.

In Service,
Finnabhair ni Binnech
Mistress - The Worshipful Company of Bards, Troubadours and Jongleurs of Lochac