Bardic Guild Meeting Ascension Day, 2002

Meeting opens 4pm…attended: Blod, Finn, Laigen, Steavean, Firk, oh no! Laigen forgot to write down the names and her memory sucks…lots
more people at the meeting…

Need to move away for the work ‘bard’ (too many connotations) and focus on being a guild of entertainers and performers (use these
two words interchangeably). If its pure research it’s a thing for the laurels, we’re here to entertain people.

Re-educating Audiences
It has been noticed that there is a lack of respect/courtesy/politeness for performers at events nowadays.
Ask for the support of royalty to encourage better behaviour.
Get performances announced by heralds, otherwise there is a ‘lag’ between a performer starting up and the audience realising.
Need to foster better relations with those running events, talk to them before the event to gain support, encourage their participation
as well as the audiences
Organise feast entertainment! This is so all who want to get a turn and people know what to expect that night.
Realise that we can’t fill up an entire evening, audience needs breaks.

Rewriting of charter to have three ranks only:
   Guild Master
Arms of the Guild:
   Spoken Word
Need to make sure ranking is based on improvement and not just on the number of performances.
Also based on research articles, performance and teaching.
Need to encourage submission of pieces to open forums for discussion
The basic idea of the guild is to encourage and foster the performing arts, the creation of laurels is not a priority.
Need to encourage self-critique and the keeping of a record of how people are progressing; this should be semi-formal and provide room
for feedback.
Need a document to gather feedback comments and evaluate performances (record date, event, piece, reviews) so as to help with
advancing through the ranks.
Guild Master: is a resource person, who should be encouraged to act as a mentor and to help people advance the ranks. The guild masters
should be used to create a network of their different skills so as to assist in answering questions and guiding newer members.
Guild Champion: needs a specific job to do, should run the competition at festival (perform 2 pieces, one of choice and one that
is period), show their ability to perform, and do so regularly, and record the history of lochac and us.
Writers: will come under the arm in the guild you write for (i.e. if you write songs, you’re under music, if you write plays you’re
under spoken word). Should find a performer to perform the piece (use the guild to help you!), and then publish it for critique. The guild
insists on the need for an element of performance/entertainment.

News: Stow Hafoc, who hosted Ascension (and did a bloody brilliant job) have been chosen to host Midwinter 2003 (at the same place in
Lidcombe Sydney)…will need to organise a bard circle for it J

To be taken on by Steavean die Glaubigen as a special project.
Work on the creation of the three ranks (apprentice, journeyman, guild master).
Clarifying what needs to be done for advancement and playing your prize (lots more discussion needed on this).
Explanation of the three arms (dextrous, music, spoken).
Promotion of an annual event/eisteddfod to be help 6 months from festival.