A Tale of a Traveller
by Scott A. Jones

I'm back again children, to regale you again,
with a story of gods, and a story of men.
My tale begins, with a wanderer's yen,
to travel the worlds, and see wonders again.

This traveller's name, has been lost into time,
tho you'll agree, his name could be mine.
Now this tale I'm telling, is a favourite of mine,
so gather 'round children, if you have time.

A traveller once, had a yearning for more,
than sitting around, drinking ales galore.
So off he did went, searching heroes of yore,
hoping they'd tell him, of thier tales and more.

This traveller fine, travelled by day and by night,
meeting new people, and avoiding a fight.
He slept when he could, and ate when he might,
often hoping, to survive one more night.

He travelled the world, both near and far,
traversing terrains, from forest to tar.
Desert and jungle, his clothes they did mar,
all for the chance, for tales from afar.

Tales he did find, from heroes and villains,
of happiness true, and horror most chillin'.
Stories told by, people most willing,
to tell of the greatest, heroes and villains.

This traveller's name, of course it is so,
like this tale I am telling, makes one wish to go.
Go travel the worlds, backwards and fro,
dicovering tales, as did our hero.