My lord hath eyes that shine black as the night,
into mine they burn and my soul enflame...
His lightest touch did make mine heart take flight -
But 'twas pierc'd in two, cupid's arrow to blame..

Yet my lord he weeps, mine soul doth much move -
for love of mine heart doth he strive and seek
But I must bide my time, alone, 'till he prove
his soul's love be true, at once proud, and meek...

Should my lord's love prove true and deep and still,
My heart's secret I'll no longer deny...
Of his black eyes mine own shall take their fill
In his arms I shall lie, and cry and die

For what is love if unseen, unspoken
But the ghost of hopes, the barest token...

(Copyright 2002, Anabella Wake, aka Lady Bella Lucia da Verona, Innilgard)