There was a witch, and she made a bagge,
A belly of leather, a great swagge,

She so conjured this belly-bagge,
That it went and sucked mans cattle,
At evening and at the morning time,
In their pasture, or else where beside,

Long it went about and faste,
Until it was perceived at the laste.

Then all goode men of the towne,
Before the bishop did her summon.
They did also bear the bagge with her.
To see what she would answer too.

It was shown before the bishop,
How she got such a milk-sop,
Through Witchcraft and misadventure,
To suck their cattle in their pasture.

The bishop marveled and the others did more,
That how she might make the bagge go,

Dame, said the bishop do thy conjuring,
And let us see how it shall ryse,

This witch here did a charm begin to seye,
The bagge rose up and began to move,
The bishop " This we have seen;
do it now, to lye still again".

The witch did alle at hys will,
She made the bagge again, stand still.

The bishop made the clerk to write,
All she said, and did, in detail.
And all how she made the bagge here go.

The bishop then got the written extract,
Then said the bishop, "now shall I as thou has done,
do thy conjuring,"

The bishop began the charme to read.
And as She did, He did indeed,
He said and did in every detail,
Right as she did, he did as welle.

The bagge stayed as still, it did not move,
For him it rose not off the floor.
Why! He cried, does it not ryse?
I have done all your little ways.
And said the words, no less or more,
Why will it not leave the floor?
I've conjured just as you would do,
Why for me will it not move?

Nay said She, why should it move?
you do not believe it will as I do!

would you believe the words as I do
and it will go and suck a cow,

He said "Then all I faileth in is faith? She said "
That helpeth all my works!" and so it is oure lawe,
Belief is more than the sawe,
For, thou may'st say, what thou wilt,
But if thou believe it, or else is all spilt.
Alle that I said I believe it well!
My belief hath done the deed in all detail,

The bishop commanded that she should not
believe the work that she had wrought.
And as such made an end on it.

Here now we wyte believe will make,
There the words no might may take.
The bishop sayde the words each one ,
but, believe therein had he known
' no more shall it avail thee,
That believest not there where belief should be.