Battle at the Fort of Lochac - 
by Finnahair ni Binnech

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One is for Lochac whose Fort we defend
Two for the Heavies, defending the gate
Three for the Archers, up high in the towers
And four for the Makers of such a fine Fort

Upon the hilltop, a sight to behold, 
With battlements emblazoned, in great glory
She towered above us, a picture of might
She inspired us to defend her for all that is right

The enemy advanced and we took our stand
We were outnumbered, but we vowed to defend
The enemy advanced and we stood our ground,
The warcry went up and the arrows rained down!


The battle was raged by all who were there
Who fought with great honour and chivalry in hand
They died in the company of comrade at arms, 
They fought for their Lochac and all of her charms

The sun was uppon us, beating down on our heads
The heat was tremendous, but we vowed to defend
To the bearers of water, our life we do hold
To the Goddess of Wet Towels, she's worth more than gold!


At the end of the battle, we were weary and done
For all who were watching, it seemed like such fun
For all who were fighting, a great time was had
From the mightiest of warriors, to the smallest of lads

(CHORUS x2 and fini)