The Drunkard's Weird
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by H.L. Robert Fitzmorgan and Ld. Thorvad Egilsson

Picked up the horn when I was young.
And I will drink until I'm old.
Drunk in a Mead Hall.
If I stand I will fall.
Why must the privy be outside?

When in a hall where mead flows free.
Then I will drink till I can't see.
If from my seat I fall.
Then towards the mead I'll crawl.
Tap all the kegs and drain them dry

When warriors sail across the sea.
Bring not the sword or spear for me.
You ride the swift sea-steed
I'll stay and guard the mead.
Fear not you need not hurry back.

Let me drink mead until I die.
Let Odin call me from on high.
When the All-Father calls.
I'll drink in Vahall's halls.
From a mead horn that's never dry.