Fair Lochac  
by Laighin 
(filk of 'Castle on a Cloud' from Les Mis)
(download wav file 1268k)     
There is a princess pure and bright                                  
There is a prince thats full of might                                
Under there grace we do abide                                        
Here in the land of fair Lochac                                      
Here in this land the good do dwell                                  
Living lives that history tells                                      
Knowing with pride their hearts do stand                             
Here in the land of fair Lochac                                      
Over the fields the sun doth shine                                   
Shining on the armour bright                                         
In festive garb we stand as one                                      
United in our love of fair Lochac                                    
Now we do dance and now with fight                                   
Basking in a royal light                                             
Under which we all do grow                                           
All as one in fair Lochac!