My Bow
by Myvanwy of Ambledune (melody by Crispin Sexi)

Available as PDF, MIDI, Noteworthy

My bow lays across the mantelpiece now,
My quiver is hung from the wall,
My arrows are broken, the fletches all gone,
'tis but days since I've come home from war.

What a glorious battle we fought 'gainst the King!
My skin has been dyed black and blue.
I shot and I killed my fair share of the foe,
although often they ended me too.

'twas a knight in one battle who guarded our backs,
"The archers are vital!" cried he.
He slew every fighter who came for our lives,
Still an arrow did terminate me.

In another a heavy snuck up from behind,
"My lords, you are slain!" laughed she.
I had my revenge in the very next bout,
When I saw her sneak 'round a yew tree.

There was even one battle when I slew the King!
My arrow when straight for his breast.
I saw him whilst drunk at the tavern that night,
Where he showed off the bruise on his chest.

My bow lays across the mantelpiece now,
My quiver still hangs from the wall,
But glue binds the fletches, the shafts are all new,
'tis but days 'till I head off to war.

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