Stormhold in Springtime -
  byMartin the Juggler
the tune of "Virginnie Lag"

Come all ye bold heros, gi' an ear to my song
Tis a pretty new ditty, won't detain you long.
Concerning a battle fought not long ago,
When the Druids met Stormhold in Springtime.

The challenge thrown out byt the Arch-Druid lord,
To red war undoubted with fire and sword
His vassals disowned him, his pleas they ignored
Yet still the met Stormhold in Springtime

The battle day dawned both raining and fair
And the fighters from both noble factions met there
Like Crecy, or Agincourt, or Poitiers
When the Druids met Stormhold in Springtime

Oh the Druids I fear the day won't be yours
For the odds are 10,000 to 20
But send straight your arrows, hit hard with your swords
And try to save face in this war without cause
And if you should win! Then great glory be yours
When the Druids met Stormhold in Springtime

Shed a tear for sweet Vashti, so young when she died
And Sacha and Brian who fell at her side
And 15 brave archers to turn back the tide
When the Druids met Stormhold in Springtime

(optional last verse)
Be of good heart, good Ator, bear up I say
Do not let young Rawhide's dispair gain your way
But go gather your allies for that joyous day
When the Druids beat Stormhold in Spingtime.