Affiliate Memberships at SCA Ltd Events

The Board of SCA Ltd resolved at its June meeting to allow members of affiliated SCA organisations, including SCA Inc (US) and SCANZ, to apply for  complimentary memberships in SCA Ltd if they plan to reside in Australia for more than two months.

Members of affiliated organisations who are visiting Australia for less than two months should simply continue to use their current SCA Inc or SCANZ  membership card and signing a non-SCA Ltd member indemnity as they have been doing. (For more details see the insurance faq).

The new system will save resident affiliate members (and local group officers) from the extra paperwork at every event they attend and it will make the situation clearer if they hold offices in Australian SCA groups. SCA Ltd is required by its affiliation agreements to treat these people as members of SCA Ltd insofar as that is possible. This new process will simply make that easier where long term residents are concerned. Instructions for our resident affiliate members who wish to take advantage of this are on the Membership Services website

Tiffany Brown (Teffania de Tukerton)
Chair, SCA ltd