Bullying and Harassment Policy Update

SCA Ltd has released its new Bullying and Harassment Policy, adopted as of 09 April 2017.

The purpose of this document is to provide:
• Definitions for identifying bullying or harassment
• An overview of the process for managing bullying and harassment in SCA Ltd
• An overview of the roles involved in dealing with a bullying or harassment claim

This policy applies to all persons participating in SCA related events or activities in Australia including, but not limited to, feasts, tournaments, regular meetings, practices, and online activities including mailing lists and social media as well as any other online space used by and/or for SCA participants. It is used in conjunction with all other operating documents, and policies, including the SCA Ltd Code of Conduct and Corpora.

This document sets out the definitions of bullying and harassment, how allegations are to be made and how they will be dealt with when process is followed correctly. This document also sets out the requirements on all parties when a complaint is made, and provides as appendices a one-page summary on those requirements and a form for making a formal complaint.

It can be found here.

Michele le Bas

Chair, SCA Ltd