New SCA Ltd Board Member

Unto the populace of Lochac, greetings. After consideration and commentary, the Board of SCA Ltd (the corporate body in Australia) welcomes Michele Le Bas, known as THL Yvonne de Plumetot as a Board Member for the next three years. This … Continue reading

2014/15 Insurance Renewal

UPDATE! SCA Ltd’s insurance certificates of currency are now available from the SCA Ltd website’s Insurance page. Please note that while there are two certificates the policy is actually the same, including association insurance, public liability and property insurance and equine insurance … Continue reading

Attending Board Meetings

Meetings of the SCA Ltd Board are typically held online from 7:30  pm (Sydney NSW time) on the first Monday of each Month. Meetings are typically open, therefore members are welcome to attend unless they go in camera. Observers will be informed … Continue reading