Changes to Pegasus and contributing memberships

Dear SCA Ltd Members,
We wish to write to you about a number of changes related to our corporate newsletter “Pegasus”, which is also the newsletter of the Kingdom of Lochac. We regret having to change matters, but the economics of the situation demand we act to use your membership payments wisely, and make systems more sustainable for the future. The following changes apply only to Australia.

We regret to inform you that the price of printing “Pegasus” has increased greatly in the last months as discounts which were previously available are no longer applicable to us. Cost of both printing and postage of our newsletter have increased. We regret we need to pass this cost on to those of you who subscribe to paper pegasus. Starting from this announcement, all new and renewing subscriptions to pegasus will cost $30 per year. This consists only of the production costs of the newsletter.

No price increase will apply to memberships who recieve an electronic newsletter only. The price of existing subscriptions will not rise, only new or renewing subscriptions.

If members with existing paper newsletter subscriptions wish to make a donation to contribute towards the increased costs of their production, please contact the SCA Ltd treasurer <>.

The Board of SCA Ltd has investigated alternate methods of production of a paper newsletter, but has been unable to find a more cost effective alternative. If you believe you have a new idea or better contacts, please email <> to recieve a set of specifications any printing solution must meet.

As we have been reviewing the systems by which Pegasus, is produced, we also wish to clarify a practice. As the majority of our members (and all SCANZ members) now opt to receive Pegasus in electronic formats, this will now be considered the primary form of the newsletter. As a consequence of this, we ask our pegasus editor to focus on the electronic edition primarily, but to ensure a paper version of pegasus is still produced.

Electronic Pegasus will be produced in time for the deadlines specified for it in kingdom law, and paper editions will be produced following the completion of the electronic version. If you wish to hear the latest news of the kingdom as early as possible, check your email for notice of publication of electronic Pegasus. We regret that it is just not possible to produce both versions of Pegasus simultaneously, but the paper version of pegasus requires significant extra time and effort beyond that required for the electronic version. Please also contact the pegasus editor <>if you are willing to take on the role of printing and postage deputy.

Currently, members who buy a contributing membership to provide a donation to help SCA Ltd with corporate operations automatically receive a paper copy of Pegasus, even if they do not wish to receive one. The time associated with printing and preparation for postage of Pegasus is a major task for the already stressful role of Pegasus editor, one which can be reduced if only members who wish to receive paper Pegasus are receiving it. Contributing memberships are currently a large percentage of paper Pegasus subscriptions.

From this announcement forwards, new and renewing contributing memberships will no longer automatically recieve a paper copy of the pegasus newsletter. Contributing memberships will be like standard SCA Ltd memberships (except the board thanks them more for their contribution) and can choose to subscribe to a paper edition of pegasus at the printing cost of $30/year. To compensate for this, the price of Contributing memberships without subscriptions has been lowered so that the total price of purchasing a contributing membership plus paper pegasus subscription will only increase by the recent increase in printing costs.

This will only affect current contributing members when their membership is due for renewal. Those current contributing members who wish to continue to recieve paper pegasus will do so until the end of their current membership. The board will be writing to each contributing member explaining this change.

We have not undertaken these changes lightly, but believe they are required to restructure our SCA to make it more financially viable in the future, and to support the role of pegasus editor. If you have any enquries regarding this change please do not hestitate to contact the board via

Tiffany Brown (Teffania de Tuckerton)
Chair SCA Ltd