Changes to the SCA Ltd Board

Greetings from the SCA Ltd Board.

Apologies for the length of this missive, but the details are important.

Although it has only been little over a month since Rowany Festival, there have been some changes to the Board that we would like to make the membership aware of.

Laurence Cooke, known as Paidin MacLorkan (from Polit), has unexpectedly had to resigned as Secretary and as a Board Member. The Board is sorry to lose him, thanks him for his service to SCA Ltd, and wishes him well.

The necessity of having a Secretary has meant that the Board has had to appoint a new Secretary under section 27.4.1 of the SCA Ltd Constitution. After some discussion it was agreed that Jeff Nicholson, known as Sorle Maknicoll (also from Polit), would step down as Chair and take up the position of Secretary.

As a consequence of this Donna Page, known as Gabriella Borromei (from Stegby), has moved from Deputy Chair to Chair. Tiffany Brown, known as Teffania de Tuckerton (from KraƩ Glas), has been appointed as Deputy Chair.

Due to the number of changes, the Board has decided to ask the membership to confirm these appointments at an Extraordinary General Meeting rather than wait for the next AGM as set out in section 27.4.2 of the SCA Ltd Constitution.

The following message will appear in June Pegasus. It was sent while I was still Chair, hence the anachronistic sign-off. Further details will be posted to the Board website.

From the Board of SCA Ltd

Let it be known to the Members of SCA Ltd that an Extraordinary General Meeting is called for Sunday, 6 July 2014 at 3:00pm (or after the closing Court of Midwinter Coronation). This meeting will take place at Ainslie Scout Hall, Corner of Hassall and Ebden streets, Ainslie ACT (the venue for Day 2 of Midwinter Coronation).

This EGM is called in response to the resignation of an Executive Member of the Board of SCA Ltd. Section 27.4.1 of the Constitution states “If the position of Chair, Deputy Chair, Treasurer or Secretary becomes vacant outside of an AGM, the Board Members may appoint another Board Member to the vacated position.” Thus, the Board have elected Board Members to act in new roles, pending confirmation by the Membership.

The other business at the meeting will be the Treasurer’s presentation of the report from SCA Ltd’s Auditors.

The Agenda for the EGM is as follows:
1. Welcome
2. Confirmation of the appointment of new Executive Officers
3. Update on the Treasurers’ Financial Statements
4. Closing Remarks

Details of Proxy information will be available here 21 days before the meeting (on or before 15 June 2014) as per section 13.3.3 of the Constitution.

Jeff Nicholson,
Chair, SCA Ltd.

The Board is also looking for new Board Members. More Board Members means less work per Board Member, and this makes it easier for everyone. If you have some experience in the SCA, particularly royal peers and former landed B&Bs, seneschals or reeves (although that is NOT a requirement), and you would be willing to help behind the scenes for a three year term – please email me.

In service of the Dream, always.

Sorle Maknicoll
mka Jeff Nicholson
Secretary, SCA Ltd