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All correspondence should be addressed to the Secretary of the Board, unless addressing a specific issue that a member of the Board is responsible for (which will be indicated at the time). This can be done via email or by post (see below). Submissions for the next board meeting should be sent to the Secretary of the Board at least one week (preferably two weeks) before the date of the meeting.

Board Members

The SCA Ltd Board is made up of a minimum of four executive members and at least one (1) general board member. The maximum term for a Board Member is three (3) years from the first AGM after they join the Board. The current members (with the month each joined the Board) are:

  • Chairperson: Michèle Le Bas, VIC (TH Lady Yvonne de Plumetot) – appointed October 2014
  • Deputy Chair: David Beresford, TAS (TH Lord David de Derlington) – appointed April 2015
  • Secretary: Kate Turley, VIC (Lady Edine Godin) – appointed June 2015
  • Treasurer: Tim Liersch, ACT (Lord Eberhard Neggerstein) – appointed November 2015
  • Board Member: Ray Gleeson, NSW (Master Gomez de Crecy) – appointed April 2015
  • Board Member: Donna Page, QLD (TH Lady Gabriella Borromei) – appointed September 2013
  • Board Member: Simon Miller, ACT (Semeon Aleksandrovitch Dragon) – appointed May 2016
  • Board Member: Georgia Winter, NSW (THL Honore Corbaut) – appointed September 2016

SCA Ltd also has a number of Officers, who assist the Board. These are currently:

The SCA Ltd website is managed by the Lochac Kingdom Webminister.

SCA Ltd Postal Address

SCA Ltd, PO Box 4160, Weston Creek ACT 2611 Australia