SCA Ltd Alcohol Policy


It is the intent of this policy to:

  1. recognise the place of alcohol consumption in the activities of the Society for Creative Anachronism Ltd (SCA Ltd);
  2. ensure that the consumption of alcohol is in accordance with legal requirements and community standards; and
  3. it is not the intent of this document or the Board of the SCA Ltd to restrict any rights of its members but rather provide a framework for responsible alcohol service and consumption at events.

Mundane Laws Take Precedence

  1. It is the policy of SCA Ltd that all local, state and federal legislation is followed. The SCA Ltd does not encourage or endorse any of its members acting outside of the law in any way. If there are discrepancies between this document and the applicable mundane law, the mundane law takes precedence.
  2. The sale or provision of alcohol at any event needs to comply with all mundane legislation. The SCA Ltd encourages groups to seek a liquor licence or permit as required, from the relevant State licensing authority. The SCA Ltd recognises that communal establishments can encourage socially responsible drinking and they lessen environmental impacts (through reduced packaging, food miles, etc.)
  3. Do not provide alcohol to minors.

Encouraging Responsible Drinking

The law in regards to the service of alcohol in Australia varies by State and Territory so all applicable Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) procedures must be followed. Included below are a few items that various RSA policies include and the SCA Ltd feels to be important:

  1. Do not provide alcohol to someone who is intoxicated or to somebody that you suspect will be involved in secondary supply.
  2. Do not encourage alcohol consumption in others. No pressure should be brought to bear on anyone to drink alcohol.
  3. No activities are to be actively encouraged (including in event advertising) that promote excessive drinking in terms of competition as part of any event.
  4. If alcohol is included as a part of a prize in an event it must not be given to minors.
  5. Free water must be readily available at events
  6. Non-alcoholic drinks should be available at all events that provide alcohol, either as part of entry or sold by unit.
  7. Food should be readily available at all times during alcohol service.

Further Information

For further information on the above policy, please contact the SCA Ltd Secretary.

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1st May 2005
23rd December 2010
3rd February 2013
Next Revision Due:
3rd February 2015