SCA Ltd Bullying and Harassment Policy


The purpose of this document is to state The Society for Creative Anachronism Ltd.’s (SCA Ltd) position on bullying and harassment and the procedure to be followed in the event of a complaint of bullying or harassment being made.




This policy applies to persons participating in SCA related events or activities, including, but not limited to, feasts, tournaments, regular meetings and practices.

Guiding Principles

SCA Ltd will not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment.

The guiding principle of the SCA is chivalry and courtesy to all. People are to be treated with respect at all times.

Allegations of bullying or harassment are to be treated seriously, promptly and with sensitivity.

Some forms of bullying or harassment could be found to be a criminal offence, and should be dealt with by the appropriate mundane authority.


Bullying or harassment is repeated unreasonable behaviour towards an SCA participant by another SCA participant that is unwelcome and unsolicited.

Unreasonable behaviour is behaviour that could reasonably be seen to be offensive, humiliating, intimidating, degrading or threatening. It could include, but is not limited to:

  • verbal abuse
  • initiation pranks
  • humiliation through sarcasm or belittling someone’s opinion
  • constant criticism or insults
  • spreading misinformation or malicious rumours

Repeated behaviour refers to the nature of the behaviour, not the specific form of the behaviour. Therefore spreading misinformation to a third party about a person along with verbal abuse to the person could be found to be bullying.

Other Relevant Documents

  • Complaints Management/Dispute Resolution Policy
  • Corpora of the SCA Appendix A: Suggested Channels for Complaint and Appeals
  • The Lochac Laws, Part X, Dispute Resolution Procedure


Any SCA participant who has witnessed, or feels they have been the target of bullying or harassment, is strongly encouraged to take action by making it clear that the behaviour is inappropriate, and to follow the procedures set out in this policy and the (Lochac Laws, Part X. Dispute Resolution and the Complaints Management/Dispute Resolution Policy).

Further Information

For further information on the above policy, please contact the SCA Ltd Secretary.

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1st June 2012
Next Revision Due:
1st June 2014