SCA Ltd Child Protection Policy

1) Introduction

  1. This policy is to be read in conjunction with the Child Protection Procedures SCA Ltd, Australia, for those engaging in Children’s Activities. Individuals working with children in Australia must follow all Child Protection Procedures as outlined by those Procedures. Individuals in Australia will not be able to work with children unless they follow the outlined procedures. The Child Protection Procedures can be found on the SCA Ltd website.
  2. The Society for Creative Anachronism Ltd (SCA) is a society based on the values of Chivalry, Courtesy and Honour. The aim of SCA is the research and re-creation of pre-seventeenth century life, encouraging its participants to employ a knowledge of history to enrich their lives and the lives of others through events, demonstrations, and other educational venues.
  3. The SCA Child Protection Policy has been written to demonstrate the strong commitment that the SCA members have to the protection of children, even though the SCA’s primary membership and focus is as a society for adults and not children.
  4. This policy is to give guidelines to protect the safety of any child/ren while participating in an SCA Event by establishing and maintaining a child-safe and child-friendly environment and to ensure that the best interests and safety the child/ren while attending SCA events.
  5. The Child Protection Acts of the Commonwealth of Australia and each State and Territory that a SCA Meeting, Event or Demonstration occurs supersede any and all SCA rules and regulations regarding Children and Young Persons.
  6. The SCA acknowledges and upholds the United Nations Charter for Children’s Rights. This can be found on the United Nations website
  7. Although the SCA and its members are committed to the protection of the children who attend the events and meetings and will take all reasonable precautions to ensure their safety, it is the child/ren’s legal guardian/s that are ultimately responsible for their safety, supervision and well-being. The SCA does not intend for this policy to take away the legal guardian/s role in the safety, supervision and well-being of the child/ren in their care and the SCA takes no responsibility for the provision of care that is the right and responsibility of the legal guardian/s.
  8. In this Policy, as in each Child Protection Act, a child means a person less than 18 years of age and a Young Person means a child who is 16 or 17 years old. The terms child/ren and young person/s/people are interchangeable.

2) Commitment to Child Safety

  1. All children who come to SCA meetings, demonstrations and events or activities have a right to feel and be safe.
  2. The SCA is committed to the safety and well-being of all children and young people participating in SCA experiences and the welfare of the children participating in SCA activities is a priority: The SCA aims to create a safe and friendly environment where children feel safe, are protected and have fun.
  3. It is recognised by the SCA that in decisions regarding child/ren and Young Persons attending events, meetings and activities, that all due consideration will be given to ensuring that the best interests and the safety of the child/ren attending SCA Events.
  4. This policy applies to all members involved in the SCA, without exception.

3) Children’s rights to safety and participation

  1. The members of the SCA encourage children to express their views, and make suggestions, especially on matters that directly affect children. The SCA actively encourages all children who participate in SCA activities to ‘have a say’ about those things that are important to them. The SCA values diversity and does not tolerate any discriminatory practices.
  2. This policy is not intended to prevent children and young people from forming friendships with adults, or to exclude minors from the mentoring and teaching relationships (such as those between a Knight and a Squire, Pelican and Protégé, or Laurel and Apprentice) that are such an integral part of SCA culture.
  3. All SCA Youth Activities will have a minimum of two unrelated, legal adults. It is a requirement that the adults present at the activity, be unrelated by blood, marriage or relationship. If one of the adults has to leave the activity, then unless they are replaced by another legal adult the activity will cease until two legal adults can be present at the activity.
  4. Refer to the Child Protection Procedures SCA Ltd, Australia for additional state by state requirements. The Child Protection Procedures can be found on the SCA Ltd website.

Reporting and responding to suspected abuse and neglect

  1. The SCA will not tolerate incidents of child abuse.
  2. The SCA reminds its members that all alleged incidents of suspected Child Abuse need to be reported to the appropriate State and Territory Authorities for investigation. If a SCA member has reason to know or believe or suspect, that a child is being abused or neglected, at a SCA activity, they have a responsibility and are advised to take steps to report the occurrence of the abuse or neglect to the authorities, these include the Police and/or the Child Protection agencies as soon as practicable in their State or Territory.
  3. Abuse and neglect includes:
    • Sexual abuse
    • Physical abuse
    • Emotional abuse
    • Neglect
  4. It is not the responsibility of the SCA members to investigate incidents of abuse or neglect. A member’s sole responsibility is to notify or report the incident/s to the relevant authorities: it is the authorities who assess and investigate notifications, not SCA members.
  5. A member does not necessarily exhaust his or her duty of care to a child by making a report to the authorities. A member may support the child/ren if asked to.
  6. A member must treat any notification of abuse, to the authorities, with full confidentiality and the details kept in compliance with the relevant Child Protection Acts and the SCA’ s Privacy Policy. It is not a requirement of the SCA or any government body to provide the notifier with an update on the state of the notification.
  7. If the SCA becomes aware that a SCA member is or has been, convicted of a crime against a child, then they will be required to show just cause as to why their membership of the SCA should not be revoked as set out in the Complaints Procedures as set out in Corpora, the By-Laws and Corporate Policies of the SCA Inc, SCA Ltd and SCANZ Affiliation documents

4) The SCA Code of Conduct

  1. The SCA endorses a Code of Conduct to provide guidelines to all members who participate in SCA activities including Children and Young People under the age of 18 years. The Code of Conduct can be found on the SCA Ltd web-site.
  2. SCA members are required to comply with all relevant State/Territory legislation when organising events that involve children.
  3. SCA members are requested to ask permission from the legal guardian before taking photographs or publishing photographs of their child/ren and respect their refusal, if permission is not given. Photographs of children with their legal names, should not to be displayed on any approved SCA public communication including: networking sites, websites and blogs, without first seeking the legal guardian’s approval (see note {i}).

5) Child Supervision

  1. The SCA aims to be a safe place for all children involved in SCA activities; however the SCA is not a childcare service.
  2. All children will be supervised by their legal guardian or a nominated care giver, (see note {ii}); it is the legal guardian/s responsibility to not leave a child unsupervised by them, without making reasonable provision for the child/ren’s supervision and care: It is the legal guardian/s’, responsibility to make sure that their child is safe and that their child’s best interests are their prime concern.

6) Revision

  1. This policy will be reviewed every two years and input from members of SCA will be sought.


  1. This policy does not seek to mandate that personal websites operated by members of the SCA seek permission from the parents or guardians of children before they put photos up on the website. Nor does it seek to regulate the publication of non-official SCA websites or of personal collections uploaded to SCA-hosted photo galleries. It does, however suggest that such websites or galleries advise up-loaders to seek a parent or guardian’s approval before uploading photos of identified children. It is also suggested that such sites provide a disclaimer stating that this advice has been offered and that photos will be removed upon request.
  2. A Nominated Caregiver is a person/s who the legal guardian has nominated to look after their child/ren while they are not present at an SCA activity or event. This is a private arrangement between the legal guardian and the nominated care giver and it is the legal guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the nominated care giver is over the age of 18 years and a fit and responsible person to look after their child/ren.

Further Information

For further information on the above policy, please contact the SCA Ltd Secretary.

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1st November 2012
27 February 2014
Next Revision Due:
27 February 2016