SCA Ltd Social Media Policy (Draft – for comment)

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This is a draft released for comment. Please direct comment to the SCA Ltd Webwright via email.


The purpose of this document is to outline the acceptable usage of social media by members of the Society for Creative Anachronism Ltd (SCA Ltd), including platforms and online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and podcasts.  SCA Ltd members are encouraged to contribute to SCA Ltd’s presence on social media platforms and online communities.


Society for Creative Anachronism Ltd (Australia)

Guiding Principles

This policy applies to all SCA Ltd members. It is designed to assist SCA Ltd members understand their obligations to the organisation when they use social media in the following capacities:

  • Adding official SCA Ltd content on social media;
  • Making references to the SCA Ltd, within a personal capacity, on social media.

This policy does not apply to SCA Ltd members in their personal use of social media where the member makes no reference to SCA Ltd.

Policy Details

Social Media Tools

Social media platforms allow users to share and upload content such as photographs, videos and comments to the internet quickly and easily. Social networks are an effective way to encourage two-way communication with members.

Examples of Social Media platforms

(this list is not exhaustive and does not seek to be)

  • Social networking sites, such as Facebook, Bebo, Friendster;
  • Video and photo sharing sites, such as Flickr and You Tube;
  • Micro-blogs, such as Twitter;
  • Weblogs;
  • Forums and discussion boards;
  • Online communities.

Roles and Responsibilities when using Social Media

SCA Ltd members interact with social media, as members of the SCA, in two ways – on official pages or sites and on personal pages or sites. The expectations for each differ:

1. SCA Ltd social networking platforms

When using social networking sites identified as belonging to groups operating under SCA Ltd, members should:

  • Promote the values of the SCA;
  • Educate;
  • Inform;
  • Contribute;
  • Respect all members;
  • Avoid sharing confidential information;
  • Respect the privacy of all members.

2. Personal spaces and blogs that refer to the SCA

When referring to the SCA, particular in relation to SCA Ltd and groups operating under SCA Ltd, in a personal capacity:

  • Show respect for your audience;
  • Comply with the SCA Ltd Code of Conduct;
  • Identify yourself as a member of the SCA, by giving either your legal or SCA name;
  • Be judicious about what you write;
  • If making comments or opinions, be sure to identify these as your own and not those of SCA Ltd. Consider using a disclaimer, if appropriate. A suitable disclaimer might say, “The views expressed in this blog are my own and not those of SCA Ltd.”

Moderating content on Social Media

All inappropriate posts and comments on SCA Ltd social media pages will be removed at the discretion of the SCA Ltd Web Officer (Webwright) or the Webwright of the local group (where appropriate).

Inappropriate posts and comments are generally anything that would not be appropriate in person. This includes anything defamatory, racist, insulting, unlawful or threatening, as well as anything that breaches the SCA Ltd Bullying and Harassment policy.

Maintenance of SCA Ltd-related Social Media platforms

The Webwright of a group under the auspices of SCA Ltd is responsible for maintaining any online social presence that the group may have. This officer may be asked to answer to the Board, and so should be proactive in analysing usage.

If groups choose to use social media, they are required to ensure that the content is maintained and updated when necessary. Out-of-date information and un-monitored social media presences can damage the image of the SCA and thus be in breach of this policy.

Suitable forms of active engagement in social media may include:

  • Participating on other sites and blogs;
  • Opening comments;
  • Sharing and distributing content via contextual social media linking;
  • Submitting content to similar to social sites;
  • Tracking blog mentions;
  • Responding to posts and comments, particularly to negative feedback;
  • Recording and updating events and calendars;
  • Uploading new content, photos and vodcasts regularly.

Implementation, Monitoring and Review of a Social Media presence

The Webwright of the local group is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of this policy. A Social Media Implementation Plan will be developed for each social media platform before being launched by SCA Ltd.

Other Relevant Documents

Further Information

For further information on the above policy, please contact the SCA Ltd Secretary by emailing or by post to: 7 Cordeaux St, Duffy ACT 2611.

Revision History

This policy will be reviewed within the first year of being adopted. The policy will then be reviewed every two years after that, unless required earlier by the Board of SCA Ltd.

First Drafted: 3 December 2013 Released for Comment: 7 April 2014 Adopted: To be announced