From the Chair (March)

It’s been a busy month, and once again we’re making the pegasus editors life difficult because that means we have a lot to tell you and will be filling a lot of pages of this issue of pegasus. I’d like to welcome Honore on board as editor of this issue and thank Lucia for her term as chronicler and pegasus editor, especially for extending that term beyond the standard 2 years.

The board is thinking about new people in new roles too, and to this end we’re advertising for new board members. If you think you have the experience, tenacity and time to be a board member, or wish to ask questions about the role, please contact our secretary. We also are looking at some changes in our directors too at our AGM at Rowany festival over Easter. We’d love to see as many members as possible attending the meeting, but if you can’t be there in person, please consider sending a proxy to vote for you (or nominate a board member as your proxy). You’ll find a proxy form here.

We’ve been working on a raft of issues related to how we make sure children are safe and our paperwork relating to children is correct in mundane law. We’ve released our new Child Protection Policy and Background Check Procedures, and are currently working on tidying up other forms related to the participation of children in the society. We’re also reviewing other policies – harassment, rental & lease agreements, commenting on sanctions policy and various ongoing tasks. And of course we’re doing general ongoing tasks like making the paperwork happen for the new bank accounts and lease agreements.

I hope to see you at our AGM, and I’d like to remind everyone that they are most welcome to attend our online monthly meetings by contacting the secretary.

Tiffany Brown/Teffania de Tuckerton