From the Chair of SCA Ltd (December)

It’s been a busy month or two for the Board of SCA Ltd. We’ve welcomed a new board member Donna Page (Gabriella Borromei) from Queensland and Sandra Watkins (Sláine inghean Uí Ruadháin). In sadder news, our very hardworking treasurer Margaret Sleigh (Margareta Deniskaia) has had to resign from the board for health reasons. We will miss her very much, but you can see some of her legacy to us in this letter. The role of treasurer will be filled by Sandra Watkins until the SCA Ltd AGM next easter when all members will have the chance to confirm her in the role.

Part of Margaret’s legacy is our first formal asset policy for one in Australia which was  published in the last issue of pegasus. This policy formalises a lot of existing board practices and legal requirements that were poorly publicised and gives answers to a lot of questions we get regularly asked. We hope this policy will make managing assets a lot easier for branches.

Another very visible part of Margaret’s legacy is a rewrite of our constitution to make us more compliant with mundane law, ensure we have formalised procedures for replacing board members and directors and make the whole document clearer and have a lot less typos in it. This draft is coming to you now so that you have a chance to send us comments and suggestions for change before we send the final text to be voted on at our AGM next Easter.

We also have a raft of restructures to the way we operate that are designed to make things more efficient, update them to current circumstances and make sure systems we in place that can operate long into the future. While Margaret has been working on constitutional changes, the rest of the board, especially Jeff Nicholson (Sorle Maknicholl) has been working on implementing changes to Pegasus to make if financially viable with help from Leta von Gosslar in wrangling forms (thankyou!), Louise has been spearheading changes to our childrens policy and the Lochac Seneschalate have worked with us to develop procedures to accompany the policy. That’s not all that we’ve been doing, but you’ll see more in future news articles.

And in older news, Jeff has updated our website to a format that lets all board members update it, and has a brand new news you can now track the latest updates to what we’ve been doing on our website at Take a look, and check back
regularly to see our latest progress.

Tiffany Brown/Teffania de Tuckerton
Chair SCA Ltd