Nomination of Caregiver

Nomination of Caregiver Form (PDF) – link updated August 2017

If you are not attending an SCA Ltd event that you wish to allow your minor child to attend, you will be required to appoint a Nominated Caregiver for the event. To fulfil SCA Ltd’s requirements, you will need to formerly appoint an adult (18+ years of age) who fully understands the responsibilities of the role of guardian. This person is the Nominated Caregiver.

At all times, the safety and behaviour of the minor remains the responsibility of the Legal Guardian. If the minor requires medical treatment, contact with the Legal Guardian will always be attempted. If there is a Nominated Caregiver, and the Legal Guardian cannot be reached, that person may be asked to make a decision. If the Legal Guardian or Nominated Caregiver leaves the event, the minor must accompany them.

A copy of a completed Nominated Caregiver Form and minor indemnity (which can be found on our Membership page) will need to be provided to the constable at each event, and a copy carried by the minor at each event.  A new Nominated Caregiver form will need to be signed for each event. Indemnities are required to be signed by members annually. Non-members are required to sign indemnities each time they attend an official SCA Ltd function.

Without the required paperwork, the minor will not be allowed to attend the event.

For further information please contact your local group constable (where available) or group seneschal.

All those attending SCA Ltd events are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct. Those who work with children in the SCA are required to follow the Child Protection policy which can be found, along with all other SCA Ltd policies and procedures.

This information, and more, is given in the Letter to Parents that comes with the Nomination of Caregiver form.