Policy Reviews underway

It has been an ongoing project for the SCA Ltd Webmin to reformat all policy documents to use the SCA Ltd letterhead (which had not been consistently applied in the past). This process, separate to the standard policy review process, has been completed. All policies and procedures should now be viewable in PDF format embedded in a web page on this site.

The purpose of this arrangement is so that pages can be linked to in perpetuity even when the file is updated (as the PDF will change, not the page that displays it). If you have any problems with this format, please email the SCA Ltd Webmin.

All policies and procedures include details at the bottom of the document on when they were last reviewed and when they are next scheduled to be reviewed. This provides version control, and indicates to the reader if the details included are current.

Some policies are overdue for review, and the Board is currently working on that as a matter of priority.

In service of the Dream,

Jeff / Sorle
SCA Ltd Webmin