Official Notice of 2016 AGM

Greetings from the Board,

The Society for Creative Anachronism Ltd Board of Directors wishes to advise that the Annual General Meeting of the Company will be held on Friday 25 March 2016 in the Great Hall at Rowany Festival, commencing at 9 am.

This is the official version of this notice, as per the Constitution. Click here to find the draft minutes for the 2015 AGM, as well as the Agenda, Proxy Form, and the proposed constitutional amendments that will be voted on at the meeting. The 2015 Financial Report is also available there.

We hope to see as many of you at the meeting as possible.  Those who cannot attend are welcome to lodge their Proxy form for voting in accordance with instructions on the form.

Michele Le Bas
Secretary, SCA Ltd.

New member of the SCA Ltd Board (Nov 2015)

Unto the populace of Lochac, greetings.

After a commentary period and consideration, the Board of SCA Ltd (the corporate body in Australia) welcomes a new Board Member, Tim Liersch, known in the SCA as Lord Eberhard Neggerstein, from Politarchopolis (ACT).

We look forward to his contributions on the Board, and the SCA in Australia, over the coming years.

The Board now has eight members and is no longer actively seeking nominations at this time. However, members of the populace who are considering undertaking a three-year term of service on the Board in the future, are always welcome to discuss their interest and find out more about Board membership.

Yours in service,

Michele Le Bas, Secretary, SCA Ltd
(THL Yvonne de Plumetot)

Website Updates

In trying to keep the SCA Ltd website current and manageable, some changes have been made to the way files are stored on the server. While transparency is important, accuracy is even more so. Therefore, files that are superseded have been removed. This will help prevent web searches showing out of date information. This may cause some broken links in older news stories, and for this we apologise.

Other features designed to keep the website accessible and current include the previously mentioned embedded PDF files for all policy documents. It is known that some or all Mac products experience difficulties with the embedded format, so they also have links underneath for any computer or portable device that might not render the embedded file correctly. These links point to the same file, but in a different way. Please contact the Webminister if you have any problems.

The website is currently designed such that any policy file will have a link to it that remains the same even when updated, so that our group sites can link directly to them, if required. It is preferred that the link is to the page with the PDF attached, instead of the PDF itself.

Finally, in re-organising the files on the website, some historic files have been relocated. While financial reports and minutes for the current and immediate previous years will be available from the website, older files have been removed. These are still available to members, upon request to the Secretary.

In service to the members,

Sorle Maknicoll
SCA Ltd Webminister

SCA Ltd – SCA NZ Operating Agreement Updated

A new operating agreement between SCA Ltd (Australia) and SCA NZ Inc has been signed. This updates the previous agreement, in light of changes to the Affiliation Agreements with SCA Inc (US), for the better management of all Lochac. The new agreement may be view here.

In service to the Society,

Sorle Maknicoll
SCA Ltd Webmin

SCA Ltd Code of Conduct – UPDATED

As part of the SCA Ltd Board’s ongoing work to ensure that all policies and procedures are up-to-date and relevant, the Code of Conduct has been revised, simplified, and updated. The Code of Conduct sets out the expectations on all those who would participate in the Society in Australia.

The updated Code of Conduct can be viewed here.

Please note: this update will necessitate changes to some forms (particular membership forms). Please be aware of this and use forms dated after 1 November 2015, when available.

In service to the Society,

Sorle Maknicoll
SCA Ltd Webmin

Policy Reviews underway

It has been an ongoing project for the SCA Ltd Webmin to reformat all policy documents to use the SCA Ltd letterhead (which had not been consistently applied in the past). This process, separate to the standard policy review process, has been completed. All policies and procedures should now be viewable in PDF format embedded in a web page on this site.

The purpose of this arrangement is so that pages can be linked to in perpetuity even when the file is updated (as the PDF will change, not the page that displays it). If you have any problems with this format, please email the SCA Ltd Webmin.

All policies and procedures include details at the bottom of the document on when they were last reviewed and when they are next scheduled to be reviewed. This provides version control, and indicates to the reader if the details included are current.

Some policies are overdue for review, and the Board is currently working on that as a matter of priority.

In service of the Dream,

Jeff / Sorle
SCA Ltd Webmin

Social Media Policy adopted

The development of a Social Media Policy has now been completed. Thanks to all members who contributed feedback. The policy applies to SCA Ltd members and participants in the Society in Australia. The policy is deliberately a light touch, as there is no real difference in expected behaviour when online compared to in person.

Social Media Policy – Draft 4 – available for comment

After feedback on the last draft policy, the SCA Ltd Board has approved, for release for comment, a new draft Social Media Policy. For those keeping track, this is version 4.1. The goal of the policy is to encourage appropriate behaviour without creating additional rules. As such, this version is quite short and most details regarding administering social media presences on behalf of SCA groups within Australia will be dealt with in the Publications Policy later.

The draft policy can be found here (updated 3:00 pm 7 July 2015).

Commentary on this draft should be sent to the SCA Ltd Webmin on or before 31 July 2015.