2014/15 Insurance Renewal

UPDATE! SCA Ltd’s insurance certificates of currency are now available from the SCA Ltd website’s Insurance page. Please note that while there are two certificates the policy is actually the same, including association insurance, public liability and property insurance and equine insurance (just some people want to see “equine” or “equestrian” mentioned on the certificate for related activities).

If you have any questions regarding our insurance, please contact the Secretary.

In service,

Sorle Maknicoll
Secretary, SCA Ltd

Changes to the SCA Ltd Board

Greetings from the SCA Ltd Board.

Apologies for the length of this missive, but the details are important.

Although it has only been little over a month since Rowany Festival, there have been some changes to the Board that we would like to make the membership aware of.

Laurence Cooke, known as Paidin MacLorkan (from Polit), has unexpectedly had to resigned as Secretary and as a Board Member. The Board is sorry to lose him, thanks him for his service to SCA Ltd, and wishes him well.

The necessity of having a Secretary has meant that the Board has had to appoint a new Secretary under section 27.4.1 of the SCA Ltd Constitution. After some discussion it was agreed that Jeff Nicholson, known as Sorle Maknicoll (also from Polit), would step down as Chair and take up the position of Secretary.

As a consequence of this Donna Page, known as Gabriella Borromei (from Stegby), has moved from Deputy Chair to Chair. Tiffany Brown, known as Teffania de Tuckerton (from Kraé Glas), has been appointed as Deputy Chair.

Due to the number of changes, the Board has decided to ask the membership to confirm these appointments at an Extraordinary General Meeting rather than wait for the next AGM as set out in section 27.4.2 of the SCA Ltd Constitution.

The following message will appear in June Pegasus. It was sent while I was still Chair, hence the anachronistic sign-off. Further details will be posted to the Board website.

From the Board of SCA Ltd

Let it be known to the Members of SCA Ltd that an Extraordinary General Meeting is called for Sunday, 6 July 2014 at 3:00pm (or after the closing Court of Midwinter Coronation). This meeting will take place at Ainslie Scout Hall, Corner of Hassall and Ebden streets, Ainslie ACT (the venue for Day 2 of Midwinter Coronation).

This EGM is called in response to the resignation of an Executive Member of the Board of SCA Ltd. Section 27.4.1 of the Constitution states “If the position of Chair, Deputy Chair, Treasurer or Secretary becomes vacant outside of an AGM, the Board Members may appoint another Board Member to the vacated position.” Thus, the Board have elected Board Members to act in new roles, pending confirmation by the Membership.

The other business at the meeting will be the Treasurer’s presentation of the report from SCA Ltd’s Auditors.

The Agenda for the EGM is as follows:
1. Welcome
2. Confirmation of the appointment of new Executive Officers
3. Update on the Treasurers’ Financial Statements
4. Closing Remarks

Details of Proxy information will be available here 21 days before the meeting (on or before 15 June 2014) as per section 13.3.3 of the Constitution.

Jeff Nicholson,
Chair, SCA Ltd.

The Board is also looking for new Board Members. More Board Members means less work per Board Member, and this makes it easier for everyone. If you have some experience in the SCA, particularly royal peers and former landed B&Bs, seneschals or reeves (although that is NOT a requirement), and you would be willing to help behind the scenes for a three year term – please email me.

In service of the Dream, always.

Sorle Maknicoll
mka Jeff Nicholson
Secretary, SCA Ltd

Meet the Board at Rowany festival

This week at Rowany festival, we will hold our AGM at 9am Friday in the Great Hall. We hope to see as many of you there as possible.

As well as our AGM, we welcome you to meet us in a less formal situation. We’ll be is the Meeting Pavilion at 5pm on Sunday to have a more informal talk about what the board does.

SCA Ltd/SCA NZ Bullying and Harassment Policy Annoucement

To the members and participants of SCA Ltd Australia and SCANZ Inc New Zealand,

The Australian Board and the New Zealand Committee have developed a joint bullying and harassment policy for our respective members and participants.

There have been, and continue to be, a rise in complaints of bullying and harassment in the kingdom. In response to this, and the feedback that Australia’s policy wasn’t comprehensive enough, and that New Zealand didn’t have a policy addressing B&H at all, the Board, Committee and Kingdom Seneschal have discussed at length the importance of having a policy as soon as possible, and what options we had available to us to provide this to our members and participants. A thorough discussion was had about the potential to launch the policy as a pilot vs sending out the policy for consultation.

After comprehensive discussions and considerations, we have decided to move forward with a 90-day PILOT for the Bullying & Harassment Policy.

We are aware that going live with a policy (even as a pilot) is not standard procedure. Under ordinary circumstances we would not go forward with a policy until we have requested and considered feedback. Unfortunately, we have an urgent need for a new policy.

We have agreed overall that our primary responsibility as the governing bodies in this instance is to go live with the pilot. The pilot helps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our members and participants, with immediate effect. Providing you with the support and protection of a policy, and providing our officers with a process that is clear and comprehensive, was deemed to be vital enough to go forward with this variation from the norm so that the policy could be in place for Rowany Festival.

In light of this, the Board and Committee have made the following joint decisions:

  1. The Bullying & Harassment Policy will come into effect immediately as a PILOT for 90 days
  2. Feedback is requested on the content of the policy over this 90-day period
  3. Feedback is also requested on how the policy works in practice over the 90-day period
  4. At the end of the 90-day period, the feedback will be collated and reviewed by the SCA with a view to improving the policy where it is beneficial to do so based on the feedback. We will also provide an anonymised recap to the members of the feedback received and our responses.

Please send feedback on the policy to: feedback@sca.org.nz – The SCANZ Chair will be undertaking the process of collation and coordination of the responses to the feedback on behalf of both SCANZ and SCA Ltd.

The Bullying & Harassment Policy will be available at http://sca.org.nz/documents or http://sca.org.au/board/documents/policy. Please allow an hour or so for the policy to appear.

The Board and Committee would like to assure the membership that this is a one-off, no precedent action taken in response to an urgent and pressing need. We would also like to thank you all in advance for your cooperation and feedback.


Tiffany Brown, SCA Ltd Chair

Melissa Muckart, SCA NZ Chair

Nomination of Caregiver

Nomination of Caregiver Form (PDF)

If you are not attending an SCA Ltd event that you wish to allow your minor child to attend, you will be required to appoint a Nominated Caregiver for the event. To fulfil SCA Ltd’s requirements, you will need to formerly appoint an adult (18+ years of age) who fully understands the responsibilities of the role of guardian. This person is the Nominated Caregiver.

At all times, the safety and behaviour of the minor remains the responsibility of the Legal Guardian. If the minor requires medical treatment, contact with the Legal Guardian will always be attempted. If there is a Nominated Caregiver, and the Legal Guardian cannot be reached, that person may be asked to make a decision. If the Legal Guardian or Nominated Caregiver leaves the event, the minor must accompany them.

A copy of a completed Nominated Caregiver Form and minor indemnity (which can be found on our Membership page) will need to be provided to the constable at each event, and a copy carried by the minor at each event.  A new Nominated Caregiver form will need to be signed for each event. Indemnities are required to be signed by members annually. Non-members are required to sign indemnities each time they attend an official SCA Ltd function.

Without the required paperwork, the minor will not be allowed to attend the event.

For further information please contact your local group constable (where available) or group seneschal.

All those attending SCA Ltd events are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct. Those who work with children in the SCA are required to follow the Child Protection policy which can be found, along with all other SCA Ltd policies and procedures.

This information, and more, is given in the Letter to Parents that comes with the Nomination of Caregiver form.

From the Chair (March)

It’s been a busy month, and once again we’re making the pegasus editors life difficult because that means we have a lot to tell you and will be filling a lot of pages of this issue of pegasus. I’d like to welcome Honore on board as editor of this issue and thank Lucia for her term as chronicler and pegasus editor, especially for extending that term beyond the standard 2 years.
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Attending Board Meetings

Meetings of the SCA Ltd Board are typically held online from 7:30  pm (Sydney NSW time) on the first Monday of each Month. Meetings are typically open, therefore members are welcome to attend unless they go in camera. Observers will be informed if this is to happen.

Team Speak 3 is the software used to conduct the meetings. Team Speak is available for all platforms. Headphones with a build-in Microphone are recommended for all meetings – for your own comfort and the consideration of your fellow meeting attendees.

Please contact the Secretary if you would like to attend a meeting, and the Webwright if you would like assistance getting connected.

Child Protection Policy and Background Check Procedures

New Australian Child Protection Policy and Background Check Procedures

Following consideration of the feedback provided by our members we have finalised our new Child Protection Policy and Background Check Procedures, with only small changes. I encourage everyone to read the new policies which you will find published in this issue of Pegasus, and on the SCA Ltd website. These policy documents apply only in Australia.

The Children’s policy is effective immediately.The background checks will commence immediately for any activities under the forthcoming Youth Combat or Youth and Family Achievement (YAFA) program. Other currently scheduled children’s activities shall have until 1 May to comply with the background checks procedure, in order for members to acquire background checks where needed. I encourage all members involved in children’s activities to act upon these policies promptly as the processing time of background checks can vary considerably.

I know this will cause some disruption, but this is necessary to maintain compliance with mundane laws and to increase what the SCA offers to our minor members. Please help us spread the word regarding these new policies.

Laurence Cooke
Secretary SCA Ltd.

From the Chair of SCA Ltd (January)

I hope you read about the changes to contributing membership in the December pegasus newsletter, or in this column. This couldn’t have happened without a lot of work by a lot of people, so I hope you’ll bear with me while I name some of them: Leonor d’Scotia for her work on administering the constitutional change process which allowed this change, Jacques du Bar sur le Loup for changing the registry database to enable these changes, Nicodemus Novello for changing the registry website, Sorle Maknicoll for changes to the SCA Ltd website and following up on contributing memberships, Caelia the Fair, for sending out messages to contributing members as registrar, and the rest of the board for processing these amendments. Seeming small changes can take a big group effort to produce like this one, so please take a moment to appreciate all the jigsaw pieces that go together to make our chronicler’s life easier and our organisation more financially viable.

While I am talking about the bumper December issue of pegasus, I’d like to thank Lucia delli Fenice, the pegasus editor and Lochac chronicler for her extra effort in editing such a long edition, and for all the editions she has edited during her extra long term. If you’ve been really inspired by her efforts, perhaps the best way you can repay her is by giving her a holiday – see the advertisement for replacement chroniclers in this edition of pegasus.

We’ve also introduced our revised alcohol policy recently. Those who read carefully may notice the requirement for a intoxicated persons management plan where alcohol is served. I’d just like to reassure people that the word “served” is important – this refers to alcohol being provided by the event, and is already a requirement for liquor licenses in many states. This revision owes it’s existence to our former board member Danielis Pyrsokomos, and I’d like to take this chance to thank her for all her work for the board and regret that we couldn’t have kept her for longer. I’d also like to thank Rurik Farseer for giving feedback on this revision on behalf of the brewer’s guild.

Just as Danielis has made her mark on the board, you’ll find an advert for replacement board members on this site, I’d encourage you to read that and recommend people of rare  perseverance to apply for our remaining vacant positions.

I hope you’ve all had a great festive season, and if you are having any summer holidays that they are very enjoyable. I’ll be heading to the lovely green Southron Gaard for Canterbury Faire where I hope to meet with some of the SCA New Zealand committee in person as well as having a lot of fun at a relaxing event. But despite that, the work of the board will continue through January as we ponder questions such as improving the procedures for applying for bank accounts.
If you’d like to hear the board in action, we meet electronically on a monthly basis, usually on the first Monday of the month (except January when we meet on the second) at 7:30pm Sydney time. Please contact our secretary <secretary@sca.org.au> if you’d like to listen in.

Tiffany Brown
Chair, SCA Ltd