SCA Ltd Code of Conduct – UPDATED

As part of the SCA Ltd Board’s ongoing work to ensure that all policies and procedures are up-to-date and relevant, the Code of Conduct has been revised, simplified, and updated. The Code of Conduct sets out the expectations on all those who would participate in the Society in Australia.

The updated Code of Conduct can be viewed here.

Please note: this update will necessitate changes to some forms (particular membership forms). Please be aware of this and use forms dated after 1 November 2015, when available.

In service to the Society,

Sorle Maknicoll
SCA Ltd Webmin

Policy Reviews underway

It has been an ongoing project for the SCA Ltd Webmin to reformat all policy documents to use the SCA Ltd letterhead (which had not been consistently applied in the past). This process, separate to the standard policy review process, has been completed. All policies and procedures should now be viewable in PDF format embedded in a web page on this site.

The purpose of this arrangement is so that pages can be linked to in perpetuity even when the file is updated (as the PDF will change, not the page that displays it). If you have any problems with this format, please email the SCA Ltd Webmin.

All policies and procedures include details at the bottom of the document on when they were last reviewed and when they are next scheduled to be reviewed. This provides version control, and indicates to the reader if the details included are current.

Some policies are overdue for review, and the Board is currently working on that as a matter of priority.

In service of the Dream,

Jeff / Sorle
SCA Ltd Webmin

Social Media Policy adopted

The development of a Social Media Policy has now been completed. Thanks to all members who contributed feedback. The policy applies to SCA Ltd members and participants in the Society in Australia. The policy is deliberately a light touch, as there is no real difference in expected behaviour when online compared to in person.

Social Media Policy – Draft 4 – available for comment

After feedback on the last draft policy, the SCA Ltd Board has approved, for release for comment, a new draft Social Media Policy. For those keeping track, this is version 4.1. The goal of the policy is to encourage appropriate behaviour without creating additional rules. As such, this version is quite short and most details regarding administering social media presences on behalf of SCA groups within Australia will be dealt with in the Publications Policy later.

The draft policy can be found here (updated 3:00 pm 7 July 2015).

Commentary on this draft should be sent to the SCA Ltd Webmin on or before 31 July 2015.

New member of the SCA Ltd Board

Unto the populace of Lochac, greetings.

After a commentary period and consideration, the Board of SCA Ltd (the corporate body in Australia) welcomes a new Board Member, Kate Turley, known in the SCA as Lady Edine Godin, from Stormhold (VIC), formerly of Innilgard (SA).

We look forward to her contributions on the Board and the SCA in Australia, over the coming years.

The Board now has seven members and is no longer actively seeking nominations at this time. However, members of the populace who are considering undertaking a three-year term of service on the Board in the future, are always welcome to discuss their interest and find out more about Board membership.

Yours in service,

Michele Le Bas, Secretary, SCA Ltd
(THL Yvonne de Plumetot)

Draft Minutes for 2015 AGM now available

The SCA Ltd board has approved release of the Draft AGM minutes (that have been submitted to ASIC as required under the Corporations Act). These will be confirmed as true and correct, by the membership, at the 2016 Annual General Meeting and are provided for information only in the spirit of transparency.

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Draft Social Media Policy – Available for Comment

A new draft for a SCA Ltd Social Media Policy has been approved by the SCA Ltd Board for release for comment. This new draft is a modified version of the SCA Inc (Society) policy that is in effect in the USA, NZ and (until we have our own) Australia. The modifications to the Society policy seek to make Social Media usage by groups in Australia answerable to the SCA Ltd Board rather than the SCA Inc (US) Social Media Director. The SCA Ltd Board believes this is a better, more responsive approach and seeks comment from members and other participants in Australia.

Click here to read the draft policy.

Commentary on this draft should be sent to the SCA Ltd Webmin on or before 31 May 2015.

SCA Ltd Membership Price Rise – effective 1 May 2015

Please be advised that the membership fees for SCA Ltd will increase to $35 per annum as of the 1st of May 2015. This applies to all new and existing memberships paid for on or after this date.

Membership fees have not increased in several years, however the expenditure of the SCA Ltd has increased greatly in this time. If you wish to understand the reasons for the increase please feel free to send an email to

Changes to SCA Ltd Constitution

At the 2015 Annual General Meeting, the SCA Ltd Constitution was amended to provide clarity on the distinction between members of the Board and positions on the Board; to remove the position of Stock Clerk as a Corporate Officer; and to make this website the primary source of notifications for any official SCA Ltd business (while still being published in Pegasus).

For the amended Constitution, please go here.

New SCA Ltd Board Members

Unto the populace of Lochac, greetings.

After consideration and commentary, the Board of SCA Ltd (the corporate body in Australia) welcomes two new Board Members for the next three years, commencing at the AGM on Friday, 3 April 2015. The new members of the Board are:

  • Ray Gleeson from NSW, known in the Society as Don Gomez de Crecy from Rowany
  • David Beresford from TAS, known in the Society as THL David de Derlington from Ynys Fawr

These appointments bring the Board to six members, which is still shy of the preferred number. The Board now has a member each from QLD, VIC, TAS and WA as well as two from NSW. While prospective Board members are still welcome from any State or Territory except NSW (due to the constitutional limit of two from any State), we would particularly like to receive nominations from SA or ACT.

More Board Members means less work per Board Member, and this makes it easier for everyone. If you have some experience in the SCA, particularly royal peers and former landed B&Bs, seneschals or reeves (although that is NOT a requirement), and you would be willing to help behind the scenes for a three year term – please email me.

Additionally, the majority of the Board will be in attendance at Rowany Festival and would like to see many members at the AGM. All are welcome.

In service of the Society, always.

Sorle Maknicoll
mka Jeff Nicholson
Secretary, SCA Ltd