From time to time SCA Ltd, in conjunction with the Kingdom of Lochac, undertakes projects intended to benefit the membership. If you have an idea for a suitable project, please contact the Secretary.

July to October 2009: TARGET:1000 — Membership Promotion — Completed

Target 1000 Results

The Membership of the Kingdom of Lochac has passed the 1000 mark – more than 1016 in fact at the last count that we have, which represents more than 15% growth in just over three months.

We would like to announce the winners of the Target:1000 promotion.

The 1000th New Member was Karl Kloppenborg of the Shire of Borderscros. He has won a 5 year Membership and the Shire of Borderscros has won $A500.

The Branch with the highest growth over the promotion period was the Barony of Aneala including two cantons with 20 new members. Aneala also wins $A500.

It is very heartening to see the kingdom grow to such a healthy number.

Gilchrist Morgan (Andrew Ross-Gowan)
Chairman SCAA Ltd

Lowrens Wilyamson (Scott Campbell)
Chairman SCANZ Inc