Job Description: Stock Clerk

The person holding this position is a corporate officer of SCA Ltd reporting to SCA Ltd and the SCA Ltd Treasurer.

Role of Stock Clerk:

Provide SCA publications to members.


  • Provide a monthly financial statement to the SCA Ltd Treasurer (currently in Excel).
  • Access to a Commonwealth bank branch/agent to put money/cheques/credit card payments into the SCA Ltd Stock Clerk account.
  • Attend SCA Ltd meetings via the computer or in person if possible.
  • Order and pay for stock from SCA Inc. and any other sources. Sell books.
  • Organise for a stock clerk order form to be in Pegasus once per quarter.
  • While not a requirement, it is very good if you can sell books at Rowany Festival, as that is where a large percentage of sales are made. Other kingdom events a plus.


  • Excel for financial statements and email for board email.
  • There are enough files to fill a drawer of a filing cabinet. A full height bookcase for the books.

Desirable Traits:

  • Ability to finish setting up the SCA Ltd Stock Clerk online store (located on the SCA Ltd server) and run the online store.

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