Seeking Board Members for SCA Ltd. (Australia) Again

SCA Ltd is again seeking nominations for board members.

SCA Ltd  is the administrative body that directs and oversees the “out-of-game” activities of the SCA in Australia.  This includes (but is not limited to) managing the Society as a not-for-profit company, liaising with the SCANZ and SCA Inc., ensuring compliance with state and federal laws and insurance company requirements, and administering payment of taxes including GST.

A description of the board member role can be found on our webpage or by enquiry of the secretary. Commitment to be a board member is a heavy responsibility requiring a large and consistent time commitment (probably at least 5 hours a week for a non-executive position, with a term as a higher workload executive position expected) over a 3 year period.

In accordance with our board membership policy, no nominations will be currently accepted from Victoria as 2 current board members already reside in that state. We especially encourage nominations from NSW and SA where we have no representatives currently.

Applications should be in writing and sent to the Secretary of the Board (secretary AT Please include in your application a brief resume of your SCA life and what skills you can bring to the Board. If you have any enquiries about the role please ask the secretary or any board member.

Yours in Service,
Laurence Cooke (Paidin MacLorkan)
Secretary SCA Ltd.