The Board needs YOU!

If you’re an Australian SCAdian and have some time spare, we could use your help!

The workload of the board of SCA Ltd (the governing body of the SCA in Australia) never stops, as we try to keep abreast of changing legislation across 8 jurisdictions, making sure the SCA isn’t in breach of any laws, ensuring the insurance keeps flowing, adjusting and moderating SCA Inc (America) decisions, completing bureaucratic requirements, administering membership funds and trying to find time to work to improve your SCA experience.

We are only a small band of people, who also have mundane jobs and would love the chance to have some spare time to make it to SCA events after we’ve finished our duties to SCA Ltd. That’s where you come in – we know the membership of the SCA in Australia is a multi-talented group of people with interesting skills in their mundane lives. We’ve often heard the refrain, that people would like to be helpful, but couldn’t possibly commit to the very high workload and 3 year term of a board member. Well here is your chance to make a vital contribution while doing only a smaller workload or a short term commitment.

We are looking for people who we can call upon who have skills that may be useful in our work to register their names on a list of ‘useful people’ who we may call upon when a particular speciality is needed.

We are especially currently looking for the following help:

  • Researchers – we often want to know background information about something, for example the definition of a term or how other groups are managing a certain area. There are people in the society who are skilled at finding out information on the Internet quickly and easily.
  • Legislation Experts – trawling through laws to work out which bits are relevant to SCA Ltd is a tricky job (especially with so many states), but some people are good at it. We’d love to have some people who can read a piece of legislation and summarise which bits we need to know about or read ourselves.
  • Policy Writers – some people are very good at turning ideas into a nice watertight well expressed policy with few loopholes. We are looking for people who can take our notes on policy content and turn them into a draft policy for the board to debate and approve.
  • General Writers – we need people who can explaining things well, to help write guides and such material for the membership. We’ll explain everything to you, but your writing will be even clearer than our words as you ask questions to make sure you understand and the audience will too.
  • anything else you think might be useful to us – lawyers, financial specialists, proofreaders, minute takers, the list is endless …

If you have a skill that you believe may be of use to us, please write to the Chair and tell us about your skill and what kind of availability you have (e.g. can you spare a couple of hours regularly over a long time, or would you prefer a higher intensity job over a shorter timeline?).