Website Updates

In trying to keep the SCA Ltd website current and manageable, some changes have been made to the way files are stored on the server. While transparency is important, accuracy is even more so. Therefore, files that are superseded have been removed. This will help prevent web searches showing out of date information. This may cause some broken links in older news stories, and for this we apologise.

Other features designed to keep the website accessible and current include the previously mentioned embedded PDF files for all policy documents. It is known that some or all Mac products experience difficulties with the embedded format, so they also have links underneath for any computer or portable device that might not render the embedded file correctly. These links point to the same file, but in a different way. Please contact the Webminister if you have any problems.

The website is currently designed such that any policy file will have a link to it that remains the same even when updated, so that our group sites can link directly to them, if required. It is preferred that the link is to the page with the PDF attached, instead of the PDF itself.

Finally, in re-organising the files on the website, some historic files have been relocated. While financial reports and minutes for the current and immediate previous years will be available from the website, older files have been removed. These are still available to members, upon request to the Secretary.

In service to the members,

Sorle Maknicoll
SCA Ltd Webminister