Youth Activities
Minors have a fascination with games, games are one of the most easiest forms of activities for the minors. You can have a set group game times or provide an area with game boards, playing cards to play and make up own games -
Games - indoor & outdoor games
Useful form of activities for minors, use as a class, activity of even as entertainment for the event.
Songs, Poems & Plays
Minors can join in with set A&S at events with their parents. All that needs to be considered is the level of skills - for example if doing an Illumination class, have kid safe paints, brushes & activity sheet. You can encourage youth to join in with A&S by displaying their work and have a comment sheet for feedback.
Arts & Sciences and Toys
Use recycled materials. Visit 2nd hand shops, recycle markets to find cheap material & equipment for activities
Set aside an area for Children area - for parents to use and to use for set activities session. You don't have to provide an activity by setting up an area the children will use this as a hang out, plays some games & parents of smaller children can use this area for their children to explore. Make up a toy/activity box for your group. Fill it up with pencils, simple board games, some craft materials etc. Place this box in the youth area. The minors will find and make use of it.
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Youth Activities
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Finding successful activities for this age bracket can be hard.

How can we use the teens?
photographier for the event

Many sports played today are modified sports played in the Middle ages. Nobles & Villagers
enjoyed a wide range of sports. We can aim to use these sport for this age range.

Just for the Teen/Young Adults
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Children's Deputy of Lochac
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Link suggestions
Read about Medieval football/soccer.