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Childrens activities don't have to be expensive or hard to do. Use recycle materials, fabric offcuts, ask for donations from the populace or even ask for a gold coin for the activity. Researching what is period or what isn't can be alittle frustrating, Below are some helpful links or list of useful resources sites & books to help you. Click on the title to go to link.
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- Published Books - medieval books on medieval life, children and toys
Local / online shops
- Middle Ages for Kids - general information on the Middle Ages
- Reverse Garbage Brisbane - recycle materials - fabric, clay, wood etc
General resource links
- Medievel Entertainment - a link pages full of games, dances, music, drama & medieval entertainment
- Joan & Crispin's Website - odd article on diverse medieval topics - Toys, music, stories, play etc
Children's Deputy of Lochac
- Middle Ages - link page of games, research, online games for school or at home use
- Skipton Castle free children activities to do at home - great site with plenty of fun activities for all.
- Compleat Anachronist issues 138 - Around the House: A Medieval Child’s Guide to Useful Skills and 139 - When Work Is Done: A Medieval Child’s Guide to Playful Pastimes. These are available in Australia from the Stock Clerek.
- The Stock Clerk - SCA - has a wide range of publications for sale.
- Anachronistic Baby - Basic female baby garb
Children Garb - Hints and useful resources
- Mainly Medieval - books on Children garbs
- CHILDREN'S COSTUMES at SCA EVENTS - a personal testimonial