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AUSTRALIA ONLY Indemnity Forms

All indemnity forms last one event only, including regular training and practices.

Children In Care and the SCA

Children in care are welcome in the SCA. For almost all activities, including meetings, balls, feast, dance classes, and even working in a kitchen, the carer of a child in care signs the child in using the normal forms. In all respects, the carer acts as the child's parent and there is no need to inform anyone about the child's status.

Before a child in care can participate in any higher risk activities, such as marshallate activities, the child and carer will probably need to discuss the activity with the state department and receive their permission. This will usually involve gaining the permission of the child's guardian or state Team Leader, and completing a form to gain guardian consent for high risk. Any such process is between the carer and the authority and it is not the business of the SCA to enquire about this or request that it be done.

Any documentation that the state authority instructs the carer to lodge with the SCA (such as a high-risk permission form or similar) will be passed to the relevant officer. In the case of a minor authorisation it will be submitted with the authorisation form. In the case of permission to participate in a given activity at an event, it will be kept with the other site indemnities by the constable or seneschal of the group.

Children in care have a right to privacy and under no circumstances should an SCA officer enquire as to whether or not a child is in foster care or make that information public.

AUSTRALIA ONLY Independent Minors

Without a parent or guardian present, a minor cannot be allowed to participate in our activities without supporting paperwork, otherwise we and our officers may end up vulnerable to legal claims from the minor or their parents. Therefore, the minimum requirement is any ONE of the following:
a) A designated guardian who is physically present, and who has produced an appropriate "Nomination of Caregiver" form (link above)
b) A Court-granted emancipation order sighted by the SCAA Board, after which the minor will be granted adult membership status if they take out membership, and a specially-marked Minor membership card will be issued for that purpose
c) Statutory declarations along the lines of those required by CentreLink ( must be sighted by the SCAA Board, after which the approach noted in (b) will be taken.

At a minimum, the Board would require a declaration from the minor, and two from any of their school principal, counsellor or teacher, or other authority such as police, which affirm and explain the minor's independent status. The Board reserves the right to ignore any declarations they deem inadequate, or to request further declarations if they see fit.

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