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Dragon's BaySunday, 23nd August 2015

Archery practice at The Dragon's Lair from 10.00am - 12 noon. Cost $2 members, $7 non-members, $1 observers.

AnealaSunday 30th August 2015

Greetings unto all who reside in the Western Reaches of Lochac,

Within these lands there are many opportunities for the populace to show their individual skills in the martial arts. Whether it is on a tourney field for Armoured Combat or for Rapier or standing on the line in a target archery competition everyone can have a chance to see how their skill at arms compares to others. One area of the martial arts has however not had this opportunity and that is in Combat Archery.

So to remedy this situation I will be holding a Combat Archery Tourney at Wandi on the 30th August from 12pm to 5pm. This will be a round robin tourney with 3 bouts against each opponent. The field will be 48 metres long and 2.5 metres wide. Each archer will have a 20 metre run to manoeuvre in and 6 arrows each bout to use against their opponent. There will be an 8 metre safe area between the runs to ensure the archers can not breach the 5 metre rule by accident.

There will be a viewing area 20 metres from the side of the tourney field so that those who wish to cheer on the combattants may do so in safety.

There will also be an Open A&S competition (one of the last few chances to enter for inclusion in the A&S Championship) and we will be having an afternoon tea potluck feast around 3pm. B

ookings are not required and the price is $5 per adult and teenage member, member children 12 and under are free. All non-members (adult, teenager, children)will need to pay $5 extra for event membership.

Yours in Service,
Dede Kilic

PS: Don't forget if you want to take part in the tourney but are not authorised there will be an authorisation day on the 16th August at 11:30am at Lake Monger Primary School. You will need full equipment including plume and your authorisation paperwork which can be found here -


Dragon's BaySunday, 6th September 2015

Archery practice at The Dragon's Lair from 10.00am - 12 noon. Cost $2 members, $7 non-members, $1 observers.

Dragon's BaySunday, 13th September 2015

The Canton of Dragons Bay will conduct an IKAC today at The Dragon's Lair.
Practice at 9:30, the IKAC will commence at 10:00.

There will be a cost of $3 for each archer and $1 for spectators, non members will be required pay to an additional insurance levy of $5.

Garb will be optional.

AnealaFriday, 18th September 2015

3rd Friday of each month at Hale School, 160 Hale Road, Wembley Downs. (MAP)

7pm for a 7.30pm start.

If you'd like to attend remotely, please email and we'll get you sorted. Please be available by 7.15pm so we can do some troubleshooting if there are technical issues.

Dragon's BaySunday, 20th September 2015

  • Archery practice at The Dragon's Lair from 10.00am - 12 noon. Cost $2 members, $7 non-members, $1 observers
  • The Dragon's Bay Council meeting will begin at 1pm. All welcome!

  • After the next council meeting A&S will be on. Please bring any A&S stuff that you want to do. Plenty of space. Bring nibblies as well.Cost $5 members, $10 non-members.

AnealaFriday 25th September - Monday 28th September 2015

Championship is the Premier Tournament event of Aneala,where fighters from the different disciplines compete for the privilege to represent and serve the Barony.We will have the honour of King Stefan and Queen Branwen attending this event.

The tourneys will be run over the weekend of 25 to 28 Sept 2015 at the Baron and Baroness's Hunting lodge in the Hillarys.

The Arts and Sciences final competition will also be run to decide the Arts and Sciences Champion.

The outgoing Champions, Lady Ariel (Archery), Lord Jacques (Rapier) and Lord Loki's deputy The Honourable Lord Conan (Armoured) and Lady Ydeneya (A&S) will be running the tournaments.

The proposed timetable is

  • Fri, night set up from 4.00 pm, Wayfarers dinner, Vigil for Lady Slaine which will include dessert.
  • Sat , Breakfast, Armoured Tourney, Lunch, Rapier Tourney, Pelican Ceremony of Lady Slaine,Tavern Feast.
  • Sun, Breakfast, Royal Tourney, Lunch, Archery Tourney, Champions Feast
  • Mon, Breakfast, Pack up, Clean up, Lunch, Clean up, off site by 2 pm.

These will also have armour inspections and courts prior to each tourney.

Come along and witness the skills, prowess and talents of Anealans competing for the the most prestigious positions in Aneala. The Bookings Website is now open where you will be able to find more information.

Bookings need to be received no later than the Friday before the event (18th September) and payments should be with the bookings officer no later than the 23rd September (Please allow at least two business days processing time for direct deposits).

Location: Spinnaker Lodge, Ern Halliday Recreation Camp. Whitfords Ave, Hillarys, WA.

Bookings: Lady Mery of Ellersly - Bookings close Friday, September 18th 2015.



Adult $120.00, Child $105.00


Adult $95.00 Child $80.00

Day Trip Friday:

Adult $10.00 Child $5.00

Day Trip Saturday or Sunday with feast:

Adult $40.00 Child $35.00

Day Trip Saturday of Sunday without feast:

Adult $30.00 Child $25.00

Day Trip Monday:

Adult $15.00 Child $10.00

Non-members will need to add $5 to the above prices to cover event membership.

Steward: Kilic ibn Sungur ibn al-Kazganci

Diary dates

AnealaSunday, 25th October 2015

Come and help us shoot 600 arrows to commemorate the 600 anniversary Battle of Azincourt.

Archery events and a pot-luck lunch.

All events will be for blunts only.

Setup from 8:00, Opening Court 9:30

Location: Bowmen of Melville Archery Club, John Connell Reserve, Beasley Road, Leeming

Prices: Adult $5 | Child $2 | Non Member Additional $5 for Insurance Levy
Bookings not required.

Steward: Anne of Gyllingeham

Dragon's BaySaturday, 21st November 2015

To commemorate our move to the new Lair, Dragons Bay invites one and all to join in the celebration of the Rise of the Green Dragon Feast.

This will be a Potluck Feast. If you are not sure what to bring, please contact the Steward.

Price: Adult Member: $20 | Child Member (Under 18): $10 | Child Member (Under 6): Free
Non-members will need to add $5 to the above for event membership.

Please send your bookings to Imagina Bertram
Bookings close Saturday, November 14th 2015

Time: Hall opens at 6pm, event begins at 7pm.

Location: Casuarina Wellard Community Hall, Cnr Mortimer & Barker Rds, Casuarina

Steward: Liduina de Kasteelen van Valkenberg

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