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Welcome to the Canton of Dragon's Bay information page on local martial activities.

While our combat related activities are still developing, the good news is that what we do is compatible with the other four groups of the SCA on these western shores, as well as all of Lochac (Australia) and the rest of the world.

It should be noted that any Society combat requires you to be authorised and adhere to our behaviour and equipment standards, and all combat must be overseen by authorised Marshals. All pretty normal so far?

What makes us different is that the Marshals on the field while controlling activities and ensuring safety are not there to judge or determine outcomes. Unless safety is compromised in some way, marshals do not interfere and victory or otherwise is determined solely by the person who is struck. The person who does recieve a "good" blow judges that blow on the force delivered, versus the standard type of armour we are all assumed to be wearing and reacts accordingly.

It is this system, based on the honour of the participants, that forms the foundation of our martial ethos which is... Chivalry.

If this is an ethos with which you can relate and be guided by then please continue.

Society combat itself is divided into three major disciplines, and these are Rattan, Archery and Rapier. There are times when we will combine two of these and we have Wars, at which you will see Engineers take the field with their war machines.

Certainly there is more to our martial activities than you will see on this and the other pages, but to truly understand what we do and aspire to, a person needs to participate. That level of participation is entirely left to the individual to determine and while there are those that train two to three times a week there are also those that may only come along once per year.

As with the rest of the Society activities within the Shire of Dragons Bay, you get to decide what is right for or suits you.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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This is an unofficial publication of the Canton of Dragon's Bay. It is not a corporate publication of the SCA, nor does it delineate SCA policy.

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