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The Quest

Courtesy and Etiquette

This is the one essential category of the Quest, for no matter how successful you may be in your other endeavours, if you fail to achieve the expected standards of courtesy and etiquette, you will be frowned upon by those who meet you. As you are of noble birth, you would naturally be thoroughly educated in this correct forms of these social skills, your knowledge in this area shall be tested by the questionnaire below.

Courtesy and Etiquette Questionnaire

Part 1 - The Society

a) What time period and geographical area does the SCA seek to cover?
b) Where, when, and how did the SCA begin?
c) What is an anachronism?
d) Where does the Creative part fit in?
e) Where is the Shire of Appledore?

Part 2 - Our Part in the Known World

a) Where is the Kingdom of the Lochac?
b) Where and when did the Kingdom of the Lochac begin?
c) Where and when did Lochac begin?
d) Where is Dragons Bay?
e) What is Dragons Bay's status?
f) Name the Baronies of Lochac and their locations.
g) How many Kingdoms are there in the Knowne World?
h) Name the SCA groups on the western shores.
i) Name 5 guilds within Locahc.
j) Draw the devices of Lochac and one of the groups on the western shores.
k) Complete this information for Lochac:

  • Who were the previous Crown?
  • Who are the Current Crown?
  • Who are the heirs to the Crown?
  • How are our King and Queen chosen?
  • How would you address the King & Queen of Lochac?

Part 3 - The Order of Precedence

a) What is an Order of Precedence?
b) Arrange these in order of precedence - Award of Arms, Royal Peer, Grant of Arms, Court Baron/ess, Peer, Golden Tear, Non-Armigerous Award.
c) What is a royal peer?
d) How would you address a Royal Peer?
e) Name 2 Royal Peers.
f) How do you address Court Barons and Baronesses?
g) How do you address people with a Grant of Arms?
h) Name 6 people with a Grant of Arms.
i) Name the 3 polling orders or peerages?
j) How do you address a Peer?
k) Name 6 Peers on the western shores.
l) How do you address people with an Award of Arms and how is this different to people with a Golden Tear?
m) List the awards specific to our Kingdom, what they are for, how recipients are chosen, and their token if any.
n) List the awards that are the same throughout the SCA, what they are for, how recipients are chosen, and their symbols.

Part 4 - Interactions

a) What is the Royal Presence, where can it be, and how big is it?
b) How do you act when you pass by it?
c) How do you act when you wish to enter it?
d) Describe how you should act when called into court.
e) What courtesies should be extended to announcements made by heralds?
f) What courtesies should be extended to entertainers?
g) What is a favour, what kinds of favours exist, and what sort of things could be given as favours?
h) What is a consort and how might a consort act?
i) What is fealty?
j) What is a cloven fruit and how may it be dealt with?
k) Describe the Grievance Procedure.
l) Write a real award recommendation to the King & Queen.

Part 5 - Mundanity

a) What is a mundanity and why might it be thought less than desirable?
b) Name three mundanities that you have noticed at events and an easy way to ignore or nullify each of them.
c) Translate these the following into less mundane speech.

  • I can't come.
  • I didn't do it.
  • It'll be very cool.
  • OK, I'll do it
  • Is this OK?
  • Are you OK?
  • Hi, how's it hanging.
  • See ya, mate.
  • Hey Pete, gimme a hand with this.

d) List three topics that should not be discussed publicly or loudly at events.

Part 6 - Officers

These are the people who are there to help and guide you. Complete the following table for the Shire Officers:




Officer Holder   












Arts & Sciences








Part 7 - "Medieval" Courtly Behaviour

a) What is your understanding of the following terms:

  • Chivalry
  • Loyalty
  • Glory
  • Honour
  • Hospitality
  • Generosity
  • Courtesy
  • Valour
  • Renown
  • Largess
  • Noblise Oblige

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