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Dancing was popular throughout all levels of society and as a noble you should be familiar with this social art. You may demonstrate your ability by performing at least three dances of different kinds. You must be able to name the place and time of each dance and you shall have taught at least one of them. You may choose from the following kinds - basse dance, bransle, pavan, galliard, allemande, balli.

This category can be judged at your dance practice.

It should be noted that achievement of gaining admittance into the Silver Rondel will be deemed worth 10 points for this category.

Helpful Links

The Guild of the Silver Rondel - Local Group

For dancing and playing music for dancing.
Contact Catherine de Arc on (08) 9249 5670

College of St. Basil Dance Practice

1st & 3rd Tuesday evenings, from 7pm
Guild Council Meeting Room, UWA
Contact Catherine (08) 9249 5670.

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