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Food & Beverage

Food is necessary for life; good food is a necessity of a good life. Familiarity with styles of food would be almost essential for a well mannered noble.

To succeed in this category you shall document your knowledge of food or beverages in your area, including what was available, where it came from, restrictions on it, how it was stored and how it might be prepared. You shall also include a sample of a menu for a normal day and for a feast.

Alternatively you may prepare and serve two suitable dishes or produce two potable beverages at events with appropriate documentation.

This may be judged by the Cook's Guild or as an Arts and Sciences competition.

Helpful Links

The Guild of Cooks - Local Group

Cooking & non-alcoholic beverages
Second Friday of the month at Kilic & Branwen's.
Contact Master Kilic at

The Brewers, Vintners and Imbibers Guild - Local Group

Alcoholic beverages
Contact Healfdene Westfara - 0418 920 034

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