Shire of Dragon's Bay

The Quest

Warfare and Political Survival Skills

Life is hard and dangerous. You may demonstrate your ability to defend yourself, your family or community through any of the following:

  • Heavy Combat - you must compete in Four tournaments and win at least two fights.
  • Archery A - you must compete in Four IKAC and score above 70 twice.
  • Archery B - you must participate in at least Four wars and achieve something notable twice.
  • Rapier Combat - you must compete in four tournaments and win at least two fights.
  • Poisoning - to succeed you must document knowledge of period poisons and antidotes if any, alternatively you may write a robust article on the various protections against poisoning and famous practitioners of this dubious art. If you attend a feast specially run to cater to such tastes the successful rendering of 2 attendees into victims will gain you 3 bonus points if you survive the event yourself. (Okay I almost left this out but some may find it more fun than I and worthy of inclusion).

This category will be judged by your documentation of your knowledge, as published in your local newsletter or on your group's website.

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